pubconWell this is it everyone. We hope that if you were here, you enjoyed PubCon as much as we did, and if you weren’t, we hope that you enjoyed living vicariously through our coverage. In case you are just tuning in now, we’ve got coverage for the first day, and the second day up too, with great tips and takeaways from industry pros.

PubCon Las Vegas 2012, Thursday, October 18th

  • Justin Sanger, Founder & CEO, <a href="">SupportLocal</a> Justin Sanger, Founder & CEO, SupportLocal Justin Sanger talks about how social media is not a "one size fits all" solution, and why it's necessary to understand the drivers and goals associated with specific connection types.
  • Dawn Wentzell, Project Manager Mobile Technology, <a href="">Speakfeel Corporation</a> Dawn Wentzell, Project Manager Mobile Technology, Speakfeel Corporation Dawn Wentzell talks about utilizing Yahoo Pipes, and IFTTT for awesome social media automation.
  • Jonathan Allen, Director, <a href="">Search Engine Watch</a> Jonathan Allen, Director, Search Engine Watch Jonathan Allen explains how you cannot automate social media without breaking the universal social media code of conduct, and why analytics is criticial to understanding your social media audience. Jonathan's tools of choice include, buffer for staggering tweets, and Topsy to identify influences and social insights.
  • Todd Malicoat, SEO Faculty, <a href=""></a> Todd Malicoat, SEO Faculty, 6 Backlink checks you should do right now: 1. Root linking domains check 2. Anchor text check 3. Site-wide link check 4. Authority distribution check 5. Link diversity check 6. Link velocity check
  • David Wallace, CEO, <a href="">Searchrank</a> David Wallace, CEO, Searchrank David Wallace promotes Social Media's linking potential, "There are 100s of social media profiles out there to build links to. Set up as many social media profiles as you can, fill in all the information, upload an avatar, and stay on top of them."
  • Link Building Post-Penguin Link Building Post-Penguin David, "Marketing is war, and we are at war folks."
  • Joe Hall, CEO & Founder, <a href="">22Media</a> Joe Hall, CEO & Founder, 22Media "Penguin was really picky about anchor text, so be careful about your anchor text. If you have been penalized by penguin, recover by diversifying anchors after saturation."
  • Kelsey Libert, COO, <a href=""></a> Kelsey Libert, COO, Kelsey spoke earlier this week on Blogger Outreach and Relationship Building. When asked what session was her favorite, Kelsey responded, "I loved this session, there were so many good takeaways. I do blogger outreach, and so it's good to get such an informative SEO perspective."
  • Erin Robinson, Social Media Manager, <a href="">AOL</a> Erin Robinson, Social Media Manager, AOL Best practices for customer service on twitter include, be direct but friendly, keep it personal, shorten URLs, include availability in profile, & retweet compliments.
  • Mel Carson, Ambassador Extraordinaire, <a href="">Majestic SEO</a> Mel Carson, Ambassador Extraordinaire, Majestic SEO "Customer service is not just about helping customers with problems, sometimes it's just about saying hi, and putting a smile on your customer's face. That connection may be enough to convert." Mel emphasized the importance of following up. Instead of an ROI from good customer service, you could be looking at a Return on In-Action, if you don't follow up.
  • Frank Eliason, Vice President of Social Media, <a href="">Citibank</a> Frank Eliason, Vice President of Social Media, Citibank "Don't treat your customers differently in social media. That sends the message that if you don't like the service that you are getting in traditional channels, by taking it to social, you get results. You need your customer service to be good in ALL channels."

Proactive Link Campaign Tactics:

Todd Malicoat sums it up pretty well, “Link is to SEOs, what snow is to Eskimos. Both have so many varieties and meanings.” There is no one link fix, as you build your link campaign, you need a broad link profile and a creative approach that keeps diversity in mind.  While social media and content marketing may be your prime focuses post-penguin, you can still have an interesting approach to link building within either category.  

Social Media Automation Tools:

The social media automation panel presented insights and tools on spending more time automating social responses and less time listening. The key to social automation is a blend of finding the right recipe of tools to increase productivity, expanding your social reach and creating messaging unique to each audience.

Twittersphere Customer Service Strategies:

Winning at Twitter customer service is dependent on putting the effort in beyond the Twittersphere. There are practices that you can take that keep your interactions on Twitter polite and engaging, but if you are not mirroring that in your other customer service channels, Twitter can just become a spot for your customers to air grievances.


Well that’s it everyone. Thanks again to Michael Dorausch for providing some great photos, and to the speakers for providing such great tips, tactics, and educational tidbits. See you all next year!

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2 thoughts on “PubCon 2012 Las Vegas Coverage, Day Three Afternoon

  • Gregg N. on said:

    Great post Pearl, I especially enjoyed the bit about Proactive Link Campaign Tactics and how you can put together links just as creatively with content and social media. The hardest part about the linking is how much or how little to post, what are your thoughts on that? Thanks again!

  • Pearl Higgins on said:

    Thanks Gregg,
    The panelists covered some approaches to a Proactive Link Campaign that are really useful, it was a great session. I agree that the content itself can sometimes be the hardest part of linkbuilding. I just try to remember that the goal should be to add value for the audience, and that helps guide a lot of the other questions that pop up. Thanks for reading!

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