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Rhea Drysdale is the Chief Executive Officer of Outspoken Media. When she isn't fighting for the SEO industry, she's She-Ra on Twitter. Connect with Rhea on Google.

Reconsideration Requests: The True Turtle Dove

by on 12/09/2011 • 6 Comments | SEO

It’s the second day of SEO, which means it’s time to talk about turtle doves. Not the bird, the symbol! Turtle doves represent sacrifice and mourning, something we see a lot of in the SEO industry (or we’re just really vocal complainers). And, in the world of the SEO, we know no greater sacrifice than …Read More

GWC’s Best Sales Tool: (not provided)

by on 11/21/2011 • 5 Comments | SEO

Remember that rant I gave awhile back on how Google Invests in Privacy for Profit? We’ve been watching the impact of those missing “not provided” results since then. Recently, while checking on the performance of a client’s recent redesign, we noticed the following in Google Analytics once we’d filtered the organic search traffic for our …Read More

The SearchLove/PubCon After Party

by on 11/15/2011 • 3 Comments | SEO

It’s been a few weeks since the SearchLove NYC conference, less than a week since PubCon in Las Vegas and just one day since the entire Outspoken Media team moved into our new office space. Exhausted is the word of the day! Another word – EXCITED. Fired up. Or in my beach bum slang… stoked. …Read More

Google Invests in Privacy for Profit

by on 10/19/2011 • 67 Comments | SEO

Guess what? Google just pissed on the SEO community and tried to call it rain. Again! Since Google’s announcement yesterday that they would now be encrypting search result URLs by default for all users, the community has been out for blood. The change is going to fix known privacy issues, so why is this a …Read More

SearchLove Comes to NYC

by on 09/27/2011 • 2 Comments | SEO

In one month, SearchLove is coming to NYC for two days (Oct 31st and Nov 1st). Run by the Distilled agency, the SearchLove conference series delivers advanced, keynote-style sessions from the industry’s most engaging and skilled speakers. It’s different and exciting. Which begs the question — why?

SEO Training & MarketingProfs University

by on 09/12/2011 • 8 Comments | SEO

Formal education and SEO training have rarely gone hand-in-hand. The industry is predominantly ruled by the self-taught and in-house trailblazers. The foundation of online marketing is fairly simple with a low cost for entry, but it’s the more complex one-of-a-kind problems that give experienced SEOs, link builders and social media professionals a competitive edge. Unfortunately, …Read More

Lisa’s Birthday Blogger Bash

by on 06/27/2011 • 21 Comments | Announcements

In case you missed it, and I’m not sure how you could have, it’s Lisa’s birthday week! To celebrate, the Outspoken Media team decided to throw a blogger bash. What is a blogger bash? In honor of the incredible work Lisa contributed to the community and our team over the last year, we’re blogging our …Read More

SEO and OODA Loops

by on 04/20/2011 • 15 Comments | SEO

Rhea here with some nerdy thoughts on decision-making. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to decide what I want to eat for lunch. By comparison, making a large SEO strategy decision for a client or business decision for the company can feel downright crippling. What makes it easier for me to get through the tough decisions …Read More