Weekend Coffee Links: Tortoise Edition


Welcome back to the weekend, my friends. How did your week go? You make it through unscathed?  The highlight of my week was adopting a new family member – a Russian tortoise named Andre. Another big highlight? Listening to Taylor Pratt volunteer childhood memories of his own turtle.  Heh! ;)

Enough reptile talk. Do you have your coffee ready? I hope so because it’s time to hop into some links.  We’ve got some good ones to keep you entertained and informed this week.  Without further ado…

  • Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling In Graduation Speech: Love this! Erica Goldson was named valedictorian of her high school and uses her speaking opportunity to assert she’s no smarter than anyone else and just better at beating the system. This pretty much sums up my own high school experience. I retained nothing.
  • On Her Wedding Day, Saying The Things I Left Unsaid:  Look, we all have “the one that got away” or that ex’s Facebook photos who we periodically stalk. That’s harmless.  However, it’s an entirely different thing when you pen your ex a note discussing all her virtues on her wedding day and then publish it on your well-trafficked Web site.  That’s not cute. That’s why restraining orders were invented.
  • How Not To Congratulate Your Ex On Her Wedding Day: A rebuttal about how NOT to congratulate your ex posted on the same site. :)
  • Why I Like Vicious, Anonymous Online Comments: This article argues that anonymous commenters are responsible for showing “the real us” and I’m tempted to agree. I know lots of people fear trolls, but I usually opt to find them amusing. It is a choice and you can make it. Are you going to let them offend you or are you going to see the humor. Life is way more fun when you choose to laugh.
  • Monkey Saves Dog; Breaks Heart: A pipeline explosion killed 13 people and injured 300 in China. Thankfully, the monkey was able to get the puppy out unharmed.
  • Having a sister makes you a kinder person:  I’m pretty sure my brothers would disagree with this, but I’m going to remind them how lucky they are to have me anyways.
  • 7-year-old gets her lemonade stand taken away for lack of permit:  After being inspired by a cartoon pig, budding entrepreneur Julie Murphy set up a lemonade stand at a local Portland art fair.  Unfortunately, her entrepreneurial dreams were shattered when inspectors shut her down for not having a $120 permit.  Damn.  That’s a lot of lemonade.
  • Are Women Funny?: I mean, I can’t speak for the entire gender, but I am. :)
  • An Assistant Orders a Sandwich: If you’ve ever had a client, you’ll appreciate this. Actually, if you’ve ever had a conversation with another human being, you’ll appreciate this.
  • Avoidr: Keeps track of where your enemies are so you know NOT to go there.  Think of how useful this would be at conferences! I mean…what? We all get along. We’re best friends. KISSES! ;)

Okay. Now it’s your turn to share something.

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