Weekend Coffee Links: Soldier Edition


Happy Saturday, everyone! I’ll make this quick because I’m about to hop on a train and head down to Affiliate Summit East.  If you’re going, make sure you track down both myself and Rae to say hello.  If you won’t be there, keep your eyes on the blog Sunday through Tuesday for full liveblogging coverage of everything you’re missing out on.

Got it? Good. Onto the weekend links!

  • Avoid Decisions, Avoid Life: I absolutely adore the Harvard Business Review and articles like this are a good reason why.  Stop avoiding those decisions because all you’re really doing is pausing your life and your ability to reach your goals.  Take some action.
  • Soldier Homecoming Surprise Mix: There’s getting emotional and then there’s bawling for ten minutes to the point of hiccups as you watch children and loved ones be reunited with family members returning from war.  I may never stop crying.  If you’re not in tears within 60 seconds of this starting you don’t have a heart.
  • Hey, Guys, It’s Totally Okay If You Don’t Get Rich: Money does not equal success and stress is not a status symbol. Stop killing yourself. Girls don’t care about how much money you have. We care about how you treat the people around you. And that you kill the big scary bugs.
  • Why Morning People Rule The World: Interesting read on the differences between morning people and those that don’t crawl out of bed until 11am.  Also, it seems you can’t “become” a morning person simply by getting up earlier.  You either are one or you’re not. Hmm.
  • Biker’s Twitter followers call for ambulance What do you do when you’ve been seriously hurt and your phone can’t connect to make a phone call? You ask your Twitter followers to call the ambulance for you. And Leigh Fazzina’s followers did just that!  Leigh tweeted her location out to her followers and within minutes she heard ambulance sirens.  I love social media.
  • A heart pump ticks down, and a stranger steps in to help: A story about what happens when the stars align and you find your life saved by a total stranger. Gorgeous story that made me immediately go call my father, a quadruple bypasser living with a pacemaker.
  • Three Disabled American Veterans Summit Mount Kilimanjaro: Three disabled vets from three different wars (and just one good leg among them) climbed their way to the top of the mountain to show people that you can bounce back from anything. Heroes. All of ’em.
  • How the Oatmeal Got 5 Million Visitors a Month: A quick video of Matt Inman’s recent speech at Ignite Seattle.  Matt does a good job being insightful and charming, however, it’s the hysterical laughter from the audience that brings this video to our Weekend Coffee Links. Sounds like the dude is working a sitcom-style laugh track.
  • Woman starts fight over chicken nuggets:  A woman arrived at McDonalds while it was still serving breakfast and certifiably lost her mind when she couldn’t order some chicken nuggets.  Personally, this story sounds backwards.  I go crazy when I’ve MISSED breakfast and can no longer get hash browns. Who freaks out the other way? [Pro Tip: Dunkin Donuts now services hash browns in case you’ve missed your McDonalds window. They’re not as good but, well, they may keep you from punching someone on camera.]
  • Photobooth Engagement: I…am a sap. And this really just proves it.  But c’mon, how cute! I know, I’m sad.

And that’s it for me.  Catch ya from New York City! :)

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