Weekend Coffee Links: Puppy Jesus Edition


Happy Saturday, everyone! How did your week go?  We had a fantastic week here at Outspoken Media after bringing the lovely Michelle in to spend a few fun days in the Outspoken Media office with us.  We got to work, introduce her to some new hires, and show her all the beautiful sights of Troy, NY. You be quiet! I SWEAR WE HAVE SIGHTS! :)  It was a great week, but now it’s time to share some great links and laughs.

I’ll go first. Then you.

That’s it from me. Your turn. Whatcha got for me? Don’t forget, we’ll be bringing you full coverage of both SMX West and PubCon South next week.  If you haven’t checked out our coverage schedule, get to it.

Your Comments

  • Dan M

    I spent about 10 minutes thinking about the best time of day to make a big decision. I even got up from my computer and went for a walk, to really, really put a good guess in before following the link.

    I came up with “about 3 hours after you wake up”, which was of course wrong, but I enjoyed that link the most out of all of them. I wonder if it’s just coincidence, or because I was already so invested in it by the time I clicked through.

    Anyway, I found this link with a bunch of old pictures showing where they were taken from in a modern setting, kind of similar to that re-creating old photos bit from a couple of weeks ago. I love it:


  • Michelle Lowery

    Troy DOES have sights! I saw them! ;-)
    Best work week with Outspoken so far! Thanks, you guys!