Weekend Coffee Links: Pre-Vegas Edition


Well, hello there, Friends. Welcome back to the weekend. You look like you deserve it.  I have to do about a million things before me, Rae, Rhea and Dawn all head off to Vegas for PubCon on Monday.  So let’s just hop into some juicy links to help us all start our day and prepare for awesomeness.  I’ll share mine first, then it’s your turn. Don’t let me down, Internet.


  • Woman falls off horse, picks up her own head:  I…I mean…I can’t even picture this in my mind and I’m not sure that I want to.  How do you carry your own head? How are you ALIVE if you can carry your own head?  I have so many questions that I don’t want answered.
  • My Son is Gay:  This is filled with awesome and I’d urge you to read it.  It’s not okay to bully. Ever.  Even if you try to write it off as “concern”.
  • Amazing Facts About Facebook And Breakups:  More proof that Facebook knows everything, they can even predict when your significant other will break up with you.  Don’t be alarmed, but it’s probably going to happen two weeks before Christmas.  Feel free to buy yourself a present instead of your “beloved”.
  • The Smiley Becomes The Feeling: How every day communication has devolved to include the phrase “LOL”. So sad.  So true.
  • How To Interject In A Meeting: In case standing up and yelling, “SHUT UP!” has proved ineffective, the Harvard Business Review provides some more subtle alternatives.  Personally, I just start screaming. Or say nothing and then passive aggressively share my frustrations on Twitter. That’s just how I roll.
  • Unicorns, Rainbows and Work-Life Balance:  Do you enjoy your life while you’re in the moment? Are there people in it that you will drop everything for, without exception?  This is an important one for a lot of us to read.  You may be running a successful business, but at what expense?
  • Justin Long is a ‘Milky Mook’: Critic Michelle Orange went to see Going The Distance starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long and didn’t care for the movie. However, what really offended her was Justin Long ‘milky mook’ face.  This link goes to his very classy response to the critic who ripped apart his looks in full public view.  If you ever find yourself at the center of an Internet flame war, you could take some advice from Justin.
  • Take Your Blog Seriously:  If you’re going to do it, do it right. Otherwise, don’t waste everyone’s time.
  • Is It Better To Buy Or Rent (calculator): Thanks to Susan Esparza for showing me this one. It’s a calculator that shows if it’s better for you to buy or rent in this market.   Unless I’m going to stay in a house for more than five years, it seems I’m better off renting. Good to know.
  • The Evolution of the Geek:  We went a little while in the office trying to match Outspoken staff member to his/her corresponding geek. It makes for hours of entertainment.

And that’s it for me. Whatcha got?

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  • Jill Whalen

    Saw this one posted on FB by @Tamar, which you might also be interested in:

    Conjoined twins who share a brain may also share each other’s thoughts: http://www2.macleans.ca/2010/11/02/a-piece-of-their-mind/print/

  • Gini Dietrich

    I don’t know how you find some of these, but I’m impressed every week! The Justin Long one is a riot!

  • David Temple

    Ouch, hope I never have to pick up my head. I thought the title was for dramatic effect since in my mind if you pick up something it has to be detached. But the definition of pick up is “take and lift upward ” or “take by the hand”. So yes indeed she did pick up her head.

    And so sorry I have wasted your and everyone else’s precious time with my blog. Okay you didn’t say that but you pointed me to a blog that did, so I give you an assist in calling me out. I hang my head in shame. And now I guess I’ll have to pick up my head after all!

  • Ric Dragon

    Thinking of how impoverished upstate NY will be without OSM people.
    Then thought, no, damn; just wish I was going to Pubcon this year, too.
    Then thought; oh, at least they left us with some reading material.

  • Le-Juge SEO

    The Head Story is simply amazing! still have goose bumps!

  • John Cooper

    That story of the woman carrying her head was awesome. One slip and she would have been dead! and fantastic that she made a full recovery. Where do you find or these stories?