Weekend Coffee Links: Marry Yourself Edition


Hey, guys! Welcome back to the Weekend Coffee Links. I know, we’ve been on hiatus for a little while with all the conferences and travel happening, but we’re officially back now.  So you can trust us! Thanks to everyone who missed us and to those that emailed asking when WCL would return. It’s nice to be missed, but it’s even nicer to be back in action. So without any further waiting, here is this week’s Saturday link drop.  If you have your own links you’d like to share, please do so in the comments.

Let’s catch up!

  • Thief Steals Laptop, Returns Data on USB Stick: This man may have had this laptop stolen, but his faith in humanity was restored when the thief took the time to back up his information and mail it to him on a USB drive.  I have to admit, that’s pretty awesome.  Laptops are replaceable. The information you have on them often is not. What a considerate criminal!
  • Beating your wife is okay, if you don’t leave marks:  A court in the United Arab Emirates ruled that it’s okay to beat your wife and child as long as you tried other methods of punishment first. I mean, I, uh, don’t have words. This is 2010, right?
  • In defiance of tradition, Woman marries self: Uninspired by the men in her life and feeling social pressure, a 30-year-old Taiwan woman will marry herself.   Part of me wants to give her a high five.. The other part wonders why she didn’t just buy a bunch of cats. People don’t pressure you to get married when you start hoarding animals. They give you a TV show.
  • The Qualities We Look For In Founders: A list of the five qualities you should have if you’re looking to build a start up. Personally, I love number four.
  • How to Beat Perfectionism:  Not that this is something you’ve ever had to deal with. Because you are easy-going and a cool cucumber who would never obsess about being perfect at EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME, OMG!  So…maybe just send this off to a friend.  Yeah. A friend.
  • Being in love makes you impervious to pain:  A study shows that being in love activates the same parts of the brain as cocaine and morphine. This pretty much confirms everything single people have known for ages – people in relationships are on drugs. ;)
  • A comprehensive glossary of gifs:  You should be so mature that none of these are enough to send you into a fit of giggles…but you’re probably not. So give these a look over and embrace the giggle tears that develop.  Check yourself, people.
  • 6 Things Everyone Knows About Women (That Aren’t True): I just want to say, for the record, that I am just as aggressive as any man. But, you probably already knew that.
  • If you need a good cry: Who could have asked for a better best friend?  Get the Kleenex, folks.

And that’s it for this week.  Do share your own awesome finds.  We have a lot to make up for. It’s been too long. I barely know what’s going on in your life anymore! ;)

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