Weekend Coffee Links: Holiday Edition


Oh thank goodness, it’s the weekend.  I guess that means it’s finally time to start my holiday shopping, eh? I know. Don’t judge me.  I’ve been busy. But before I run out to go attend to that, we have some delicious links to share [don’t worry, ours aren’t going away]. Below are some of the links that caught my eye this week.  If you have something worthy of inclusion, don’t be shy about dropping it in the comments. We want to see.

My links first. Then yours.

  • Why I’m Posing Naked. On A Horse: Sandy from Toy With Me [some content NSFW, this post is safe] shares a poignant story about her daughter’s experiences with anorexia and how it affected her family.  To raise money and awareness for the National Eating Disorders Association, Sandy and other powerful women are posing naked, on horses, and publishing it as a calendar. Amazing.
  • Snow Collapses Metrodome:  This is one of those Internet videos you can’t help but watch and immediately want to share with everyone you know.  It’s footage of the Metrodome’s roof deflating and caving in under the weight of a whole bunch of snow.  You’ll watch it open-mouthed.
  • The man behind Mario: An introspective look at Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind Mario and the world of Nintendo.  This guy pretty much helped define an entire generation.  Thank you for my childhood.
  • Wikileak docs reveal all social media experts “are actually the same person”: Ever wonder all that unicorn social media advice sounded like it came from the same person?  I mean, “engage”, “join the conversation”, “hold hands”, blah blah blah.  Yeah, well, it turns out it really was all coming from one guy. Thanks to Julien Smith for help uncovering this one. The Internet owes you.
  • A Dying Banker’s Last Financial Instructions: Everyone knows it’s not until you’re dying that people want to hear what you have to say. So Gordon Murray decided to write a book to explain financial investing in just a few simple steps.  This article talks about what compelled Gordon to dedicate his remaining time to this book and how it’s impacted his life.
  • 2010 in movies: A montage of 270 movies from 2010 all mixed inside six minutes. If that’s not enough movie-love for you, there’s 160 greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes to check out. Consider your Saturday filled.
  • Bert & Ernie tries Gangsta-Rap: This is what I imagine Sesame Street would look like if Chris Winfield was in charge of producing it. Kind of awesome, right?
  • Winona Forever: Winona Ryder is being called this year’s Comeback Kick for her performance in Black Swan.  She sat down for a pretty revealing interview with GQ that I was positively glued to.  Seems she’s still embarrassed by that whole “shoplifting” confusion thing. Don’t worry, Winona, we all are.
  • 15 Cities In Gingerbread: Rhea, Sabre and I made gingerbread houses in the office a few weeks back and, let me just tell you, they did not look anything like this. Also, there may have been some fights over the frosting rationing.  I’m just saying. But you didn’t hear it from me.
  • Kids asking for coats and socks, not toys:  Post office elves are finding more kids asking for basics like coats, socks and shoes in lieu of video games and other toys.  If that doesn’t break your heart, well, you probably don’t have one.

Okay, those are my links for this week. What do you have?

Your Comments

  • Amanda Orson

    I am shocked, just shocked, that the Parrot “Whip My Hair Back and Forth” did not make this weekend’s coffee links.

    In seriousness, the post about kids asking for basic necessities is heart breaking. I’ll make sure to explore ways to give here in Philadelphia to that end.

    Since you guys are animal lovers, I thought I’d also mention that most SPCA and animal shelters are in a constant need for old blankets and towels. If you have some spares around your house, dogs and cats at your local shelter can always use them. No better time than the holidays to extend some warmth to animals.

    • Rhea Drysdale

      Love it! Great idea. Also have some coats, hats and scarves I could donate to the local shelter. More important maybe some professional clothes to a local women’s shelter.

  • James M

    This was posted a day after your Weekend Links, but check out the Blogger’s Night Before Christmas:

    “‘Twas the Night Before #Christmas and ‘round my web plot

    Not a spider was crawling, not even a spam-bot

    Daily postings were hung on my blog page with care

    In the dim hope that viral visitors soon would be there.” [complete thing on the site]

  • Michelle Lowery

    Ditto what Amanda said about donating items to local animal shelters. I imagine donations drop off around this time of year when people are so busy buying gifts. They also always need food, and a big bag of Pedigree or whatever doesn’t cost a lot.

    It’s probably too late to get packages to troops deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations, but you can still send a message of thanks via the USO. It’s free, it only takes a minute of your time, and your message might brighten a soldier’s, Marine’s, airman’s, or sailor’s day: http://www.uso.org/thanks/