Weekend Coffee Links – Be Happy Edition


Happy weekend! Or, for some, happy holiday weekend! Whether you get to enjoy some extended play or if you’re just looking to get as much as you can from the two days you have, this is shaping up to be a gorgeous weekend for many of us.  The weatherman says Upstate, NY is going to be touching 60. Wahooo! But before you go run out and play in the grass, take a few minutes to unwind with our weekend coffee links.  They’re just what your soul is asking for.

That’s it. Any interesting finds you want to share with us today? Now’s your chance. Otherwise, catch ya next week. :)

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  • Dr. Pete

    I’m so obsessed about my daughter learning to open things like the fridge/freezer, that it never occurred to me to worry about my cat opening them. Thanks for that additional nightmare. I thought this was the “BE HAPPY ADDITION”?! ;)