Weekend Coffee Links: Friends & F Words Edition


Hey, friends! It’s Saturday.  w00t! Congratulate yourselves on making it through another week and kicking some butt.  As a reward, there are some delicious Weekend Coffee Links listed below. I also got you that cupcake there on the right. Yes, with all the candles.  Make sure you blow them out before licking the frosting. I sometimes forget that part.

Okay then! Onto the links!

  • The Fear That You’re Being Watched By A Duck: Sometimes ads are so good they require people to be medicated. This is one of those times. Also, I totally choked on my water when I saw this on Matt McGee’s Facebook page. It’s that awesome.
  • What to do when your eye pops out: CNN offers some helpful advice for what to do when various body parts fall off or pop out of socket and you need to have them reattached.   Also, losing teeth is a constant fear of mine, so this totally freaked me out.
  • When is it okay to use the F word:  Penelope Trunk asks the questions and then provides her own answer.  As with most things written by Penelope, it’s worth a read.
  • Falling in love costs you friends: You know when your best friend starts dating some loser and you completely stop hearing from her? Yeah, this article attempts to explain why. Yet another reason why it’s better to be single than hitched. ;)
  • Baby Photo Becomes Internet Meme:  Dad innocently does a Google search and finds his kid is an Internet meme in Japan. Hee! Keep uploading those baby pics, people.  Nothing bad could possibly happen, right?
  • Is Derek Jeter an unethical cheat?:  Derek Jeter faked getting hit by a pitch so he could take a base in a recent game against the the Rays. Unethical or just doing his job?  While I hate the Yankees and detest Jeter even more, I have to agree with him on this one. It’s his job to get on base.  That’s what he did.
  • Most disturbing bathroom sign ever: I mean, really? I don’t want to be a part of a world where this is necessary.
  • Meet the man behind @BPGlobalPR:  The man who started the BPGlobalPR account is finally unmasked. And by “unmasked” we mean he wants some attention now. Either way, his interview is pretty interesting.
  • It takes more strength to relate to people than to dominate them:  If you were looking for a new mantra, I recommend using this one. I now have it taped to my desk lamp.
  • Man builds community for 600+ cats:  Hi, the next time anyone calls me a cat lady, I will send them this article.  I only have two. This guy has more than 600 and created a 30-acre cat commune!

And that does it for me.  Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday! :)

Your Comments

  • Joe Hall

    Thank you for introducing me to Penelope Trunk. Not sure why I haven’t read her yet, but that post linked about was fucking awesome.

  • Dawn Wentzell

    When I use the word “douchebag” around non-internet people, they always seem shocked. Like it’s a really bad thing to call someone that. I find this odd.

    Also, I can’t pronounce “Penelope” – even in my head – without really thinking hard about it.

  • Gabriele Maidecchi

    That 600-cats thing, I read about it when some pics appeared in some cheezburger-network site, so I found an article, and when I read how much food that park needs to go on… wow.
    I love cats, but that’s supermegaduperlove to the sun and back a hundred millions times.

  • James M

    The thing I like most about the Weekend Coffee Links is that it’s the right mix of bizarre and useful. Penelope has to be one of the best writers out there, and also a very inspiring woman. And I love the bathroom sign. That is definitely getting passed around as we speak.

  • Lisa Martell

    Great articles and writing thanks for the site.