Weekend Coffee Links – Fireworks Edition


Happy weekend! And even happier weekend if you’re lucky enough to have a long one. Huzzah for summer.  But before you dart off to your July 4th BBQ or your Canada Day weekend, check out the links below to give you something to talk about while you’re there. It’s our little service to you.

Let’s go.

  • Unfinished book hits No. 1 On Amazon Barnes & Noble:  An article about how John Green used social media to get his book to hit number one on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles even though he hasn’t even finished writing it yet.  Dude.  I’m launching my campaign to hit the NYT’s list tomorrow. Who knew you didn’t even have to finish the book?
  • At 13, she was ruined: What happens when society turns its back on things it would rather not face. Like for instance, a child in a relationship with someone more than twice her age.
  • Why I’m raising my son to be a nerd: I love this! A tale from a father on why he’s more excited about his son’s academic achievements than he is about him breaking records on the track, and why we ALL need to put more value on education. Nerds unite!
  • Don’t let the trolls get you down: A practical guide from The Guardian about how to deal with Internet trolls. Ironic, since so many people DO their trolling AT The Guardian.
  • The Facebook confession: A post on the guilt (and hostility) that often comes with unfriending people on social networks. I also found it amusing that the author admits to unfriending people on their birthdays, mostly because it’s not the first time I’ve heard that.
  • Mating turtles shut down runway at JFK: Ah, summer love. :) Naturally, the turtles have now created a Twitter account at @JFKturtles. As I’m writing this, it has more than 8,000 followers. So, there’s also that.
  • How to hide your Facebook stalking from your boss: Finally. Someone invents a legitimate use for ever having to use an evil spreadsheet. Smart.
  • If celebrity tweets were honest:  It’s okay to laugh. It’s funny.
  • Japanese lab invents Internet kissing machine: Okay, so sometimes nerds also invent some pretty weird things in between saving the world…

And that’s it for me. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  This girl’s off to Boston for a belated birthday weekend!

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