Weekend Coffee Links: Babies Edition


Welcome back to Saturday, folks. Oh, and Happy Almost Halloween! Are you a big Halloween fan? I sort of hate it. There’s just something about people jumping out and deliberately trying to scare the bejesus out of me that freaks me out and makes me want to hide.  I’ll be happy when this weekend is over.  Then we can just focus on what matters — like all the turkey we will shortly eat. Yum, turkey!

Anyway! It’s time another edition of Weekend Coffee Links. Here are some of my favs, please do share yours in the comments, as well.

  • People Are Awesome: I had multiple people send me this link and beg me to include it. So here you go. I hope you have your own motion sickness bag because, while people are awesome, they’re also insane. GET DOWN FROM THERE!
  • Mark Twain’s Amazing Embargo:  An in-depth look at the brand management of Mark Twain’s autobiography and the 100-year embargo he put up through that is almost up!
  • The Unsocial Network: I know you think you’ve already read everything there is to read about the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien saga, but this gives a really interesting look at what really  happened, as it was happening. It’s long, but I read the whole thing without realizing I had just killed my morning.
  • 4-year-old can be sued, judge rules in bike case: A  4-year-old girl accused of running down an elderly woman will be sued for negligence after she struck the 87-year-old woman with her bike and fractured her hip (she died three months later).  The judge in the case ruled that the child should have “appreciated the danger” of riding a bike into the woman. I’m not so sure about this one.  I don’t think you people should sue you when your bike still has training wheels.
  • Baby Worshipping: Little Ava is caught on video worshipping during a religious ceremony.   This is so much cuter than those darn crying babies that show up at mass.  Or the men listening to their football.
  • 50 Most Terrifying Sesame Street Costumes: Really, people? Stop dressing up like Bert & Ernie.  Unless you’re a David Schwimmer knock-off like the guy in #15 and then, OMG, hilarious!
  • Fluent Talk On Stuttering: A video reenactment of John Moore’s recent Ignite Talk on the topic of adult stuttering.  Some good advice before we meet at a conference and you try to finish my sentence for me. ;)
  • Changing Education Paradigms (video): An animated version of a talk by Sir Ken Robinson, a world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin Award. The talk is interesting and the illustrations that go with are pretty awesome, too.  Thanks, Lori Bourne for the link! :)
  • Mom pleads guilty to murder after shaking her baby for interrupting FarmVille:  There really aren’t words for this one.
  • How to test shortsightedness: They mean, in like, vision. Not in life. Still pretty cool.

That’s it for me. It’s your turn, Internet.

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