Weekend Coffee Links


Hey, hey, party people.  It’s Saturday! How was your week? Did you survive unscathed? Are you already wanting to smack everyone tweeting from SXSW because they’re clogging up your Twitter feed and it’s all “party” this and “FourSquare” that? Yeah. Me too. But who needs those guys when we have a fresh list of fun and insightful links to look at? Let’s just do it. Grab your coffee, folks.

  • Introverts as Entrepreneurs: I love this article so much that I want to start handing it out to all the shy kids who think they can’t be awesome just because they’re introverts. The truth is introverts make awesome entrepreneurs. I know because I am one. Well, introverted. The awesome thing is probably up for debate.
  • Homeless man lives off hotel points from former life: Less than two years ago he had a six figure job and a sense of security most people only wish for.  Now the job’s gone and he’s redeeming hotel points to get by.  Lessons here for all.
  • David Pogue’s iPhone Song: This almost makes the iPhone likable. Almost. I’d still never get one, of course.
  • This Happens To Me Every F—king Single Day: Because sometimes its nice to know you’re not the only one sitting there with your headphones in your ear listening to complete silence. Idiots unite!
  • Pick Two: This explains why I keep dating emotionally unstable boys. I pick the wrong two.
  • Police: Couple nurtured virtual child while real baby starve: I’m not sure what’s sadder: the story itself or that CNN felt the need to mention the state of broadband connections in South Korea. Cause, you know, that matters.
  • Toyota Hybrid Horror Hoax: Interesting look at a person’s needs to be a victim and the general public’s skepticism in believing them. Oh, and Toyota.
  • Dunkin Donuts – Free Coffee Every Monday In March: Huzzah! Thanks to the power of Dunkin Donuts, Mondays were just made magically more delicious. Like Lucky Charms.
  • Man Marries Pillow: Suddenly my two cats don’t look so pathetic now, do they?  That’s what I thought. Thank you, Lee Jin-gyu. I salute you and your pillow wife.
  • Trampoline Dog: A chick flick for the Internet. I know, I’m sorry. You guys should just pretty much expect one of these in every post. They make the world go round, even if you all make fun of me for including them.

Those are some of the highlights I stumbled across this week.  Feels like I’m a little light on stuff. What made you stop, think or even laugh? Share it in the comments.

Your Comments

  • Julia Cantor

    Great blog post. Thanks for sharing the great article on Introverts as Entrepreneurs… so true… and, appreciate the DD inside scoop!

  • Jill Whalen

    Love the introverts one. The homeless guy…I tend to agree with many of the commenters. Seems he could have managed things a bit better. Listening to nothing…been there, done that. Dunkin’s free coffee? Ick, I’d rather drink nothing than the awful weak dunkins. Man marries pillow? WTF?

  • Ryan Beale

    Yes, that is the best Venn Diagram ever. Great way to start off my Saturday morning, laughing out loud at a Venn Diagram. Since I am a slave to the Dunkin Donuts machine, it’s nice of them to offer a free coffee. Free or paid, I’ll be getting their coffee. (Typical Bostonian)

  • Tim Staines

    When I first saw that Toyota story, I thought “Hoax” all the way. Well, I thought “Moron” and then I thought “Hoax” ;).

    I love the Trampoline Dog, the headphones, and the Venn diagram even the second and third time around.

    The introverts piece is interesting too. Thanks for the morning reads.

  • Dawn Wentzell

    Up here, McDonald’s has been giving away free coffee (which is surprisingly decent) during Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim (where you can win free coffee, or a car). Free caffeine everywhere!

    Also, is.saffyre9.wearingpants.net

  • Shannon

    I am a total introvert, so found that article interesting. The headphone and music thing? Every day occurrence around here. I heard the pillow marriage story on the radio. Thanks for the image to go with the story. I’ll say it: what a weirdo.

  • Ruth Ann Harnisch

    For the first time in my life I understand why the Yoga pose Adho Mukho Svanasana is called “downward dog.”
    That dog does the pose somewhere in the middle of the hysterical jumping.

  • Kate

    Hi everyone! I work with Dunkin’ Donuts’ communications team, and on behalf of the brand, I wanted to let you know that that the promotion is only being offered at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in select cities throughout the country. A full list of these cities is posted in the Discussion Board on Dunkin’ Donuts’ Facebook page: http://bit.ly/DDFreeCoffeeMondayLocations

  • Nate Terwilliger

    If that’s your “best Venn diagram ever”, I hope you don’t mind another reader. I really felt the “Introverts as Entrepreneurs” article was spot on. My first reaction to the “Man Marries Pillow” was “oh, how sad”, but as sad as it may be, it is perhaps a shining example of our human need to be loved, and in this case to love.