Weekend Coffee Links


You made it to Saturday. YOU are AWESOME!  I hope you guys had a good week. I know we had a busy one over here at Outspoken Media, and with SMX West on our heels and threats of liveblogging, things are only going to get crazier. But…let’s not think about all that yet, okay? It’s time to put your foot up, take a deep breath and enjoy some of the best that the Web had to offer us this week. I mean, it wasn’t all really forced apologies.  Let’s take a look.

  • William Shatner in Shit My Dad Says: Yep, the famed Twitter account is coming to TV and William Shatner has been cast as the dad.  That kind of casting is pretty ensuring perfection. This needs to be on the air already.
  • Free Advice: Show Up Early:  YES! THANK YOU! This is why I will be the girl at SMX West sitting in the session room two hours before it actually begins. I do it because I respect you. And because I’m maybe a little OCD about being on time. Now stop judging me. [Also, Rae and Rhea feel free to print this out and staple it to your faces. Or I’ll do it for you.]
  • How To Write An Incendiary Blog Post: The post is horrible and somewhat offensive to bloggers. The indignant commenters, however, are awesome.
  • Roger Ebert: The Essential Man: I tweeted this earlier in the week but if you haven’t read it, you absolutely should. It’s an incredible story of a very private man and a great look at the power of voice.  As someone whose voice often fails them, this hit home big time.
  • Hating on Women Bloggers: Is the Internet harder on women bloggers than it is on men? When Dooce blogged about Maytag she was vilified for it and labeled a ‘bully’. When Kevin Smith tweeted about SouthWest, he was celebrated as an Internet hero. Something to ponder.
  • Duck Teaches Disabled Boy To Walk: A duck helps prove doctors wrong and shows a disabled boy how to take his first steps. Both Finlay and Ming-Ming will melt your heart.
  • The Man Your Man Could Smell Like: You’re on a boat with the man your man could smell like.  Or something. I laughed. You probably will too.
  • Baby Moose In Sprinkler: First off, OMG, baby moose! Second, BABY MOOSE RUNNING THROUGH A SPRINKLER! Third, holy crap that adult moose is ginormous. I think it’s part dinosaur. Or super hero. Are all moose that big?  [Thanks to @suthnautr for sending this.]
  • Bacon Cheese Turtleburger anyone?: I don’t think I need to say anything else.  You’re welcome.
  • Character Twitter Accounts: Earlier this week I asked Twitter to help me locate some Character-based Twitter accounts. The results were hilarious and I created a Character Twitter List to keep track.  Some of my personal favorites? Big Ben Clock, DRUNK HULK, and Loaded Paper Clip. Share your favs and I’ll add them to the list.

Those are my awesome link finds of the week. What do you have? I’m off to geek out at a book fair. I hope you guys have a killer weekend. You deserve it.

Your Comments

  • netmeg

    You should totally be following @OleHippie. I’ve had him on a Sea Monster list for months now. He’s not only funny, he thinks I look tasty!

  • Dawn Wentzell

    Can’t see the duck video in Canada :( But the moose video was so FRICKIN CUTE that it almost made up for it.

  • Will Scott

    I found a certain irony in the musical selection for the Moose (mooses?, meese?). In other words, they would have chosen better music had they chosen nothing at all.


    But it was pretty freakin’ cute nonetheless.

    And, I’m looking forward to being blogged by you next week ;)

    • Lisa Barone

      Heh. Yeah, the music for that video was kind of sad. And I’m not sure what the plural of “moose” is….which is why I purposely wrote that so I wouldn’t have to use it. :p

      Looking forward to see (and blogging) you next week. :)

  • Timer plus

    i love you little OCD about being on time… In my opinion that is a good quality to have