Weekend Coffee Links


Hello, fearless friends.  Welcome back to the weekend, especially if you’re in part of the country that was slammed with snow this week.  You know, like Texas. I kid, I kid.  Anyway! It’s time for another edition of the Weekend Coffee Links. By now you know how this works.  I show you mine and then you show me yours.

Okay, me first.

Those are my finds for the week.  Your turn. And happy Super Bowl to you, whoever you’re cheering for.

Your Comments

  • kimmieoftroy

    OMG the dancing!

    Anyway, I have a contribution. A friend posted this story on fb this morning and I love the message. Stop competing w/ the Joneses. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kevin-salwen/the-slightly-absurd-thing_b_817480.html

  • James M

    Love the Star Wars commercial, and the directors taking on the Super Bowl was great too! I saw this cartoon this morning over at The Anti-Social Media blog: The 4 Stages When You Have Nothing to Blog About

  • Dan M

    I think the Mac Inventor’s Gift is my favourite thing I’ve read this week.

    For you, I have a video about a fan sneaking onto a soccer field to join his team’s celebration. It’s pretty cute: http://www.todaysbigthing.com/2010/02/01

  • Val @ Web Tracking Guide

    The rat race article is an unusual take, don’t miss it because of the not-so-obvious title. I think it refers to people commonly calling a corporate job a rat race, and going freelance to escape it, but the author makes a case for the opposite.

    As someone who switched back-and-forth a few times between a day job, freelancing and running my own business, I can definitely relate. The grass is always greener on the other side, and you miss the benefits of one lifestyle when you live the other one. However, after trying all of them several times, I tend to think it’s not about your official status. What makes me happy is working on interesting projects with nice and smart people, for a fair payment.

    My advice to beginner entrepreneurs lately has been, “Don’t quit your day job”. Not until you can earn enough while still working there. A lack of time is a frequent complaint, but the truth is, if you don’t learn to be efficient enough to do both, you will probably not succeed in business, anyway.

  • Toby

    Hey its Monday morning and you know what that means – love the random nature of your weekend coffee links – excellent – especially like the ‘he wants to dance with somebody’ – brill