Weekend Coffee Links


Welcome to the weekend, my friends! Below you’ll find some of my top link picks for the week and things that caught my eye.   By the collection I’ve assorted, it looks like I was subconscious in need of all things funny and humorous.   Hopefully some of them will give you a giggle, too. Feel free to share your own fun links down below. I’m off to go pick out the perfect Christmas tree.

Let’s kick this off:

  • Penguin Dilemma: Rhea sent this one to me with the note, “When all seems lost, there is a way”.  Sometimes Rhea saves my whole entire life without realizing it. This may be the greatest video in the world.
  • A Facebook Story: A mother’s joy and a family’s sorrow:  A heartbreaking story of life and death, as told through Facebook status updates. No, really. It left me with goosebumps at the very end.
  • Do Real Men Like To Cuddle: This is a safe place. No one is judging you here. Still…maybe you should print this one out and read it in a dark closet.  Or save it for your next cuddle party.
  • Setbacks in Women’s Health: A study by the National Women’s Law Center found that more women are binge drinking, becoming obese and testing positive for chlamydia.  Yey, let’s hear it for the girls! Also? WTF, women?
  • Phrases that announce you’re lying:  A post all about but-heads.  They’re everywhere.
  • UPS Package Delivery Instructions: If you’ve ever had to spend a day camped out in your house just so you wouldn’t miss the UPS guy, this may hit way too close to home. Don’t worry. We’re all right there with you.
  • Humans dress as pandas to not frighten baby panda:  So. Awesome. Even better – those guys already had those costumes, they didn’t even have to buy them. Weird, right?

Short list week. Hopefully you’ll make up for it with some of your own submissions. Whatcha got for me this week, Internet?

Your Comments

  • James M

    I recently saw Catfish, a movie based around a guy’s interaction with a woman he met on Facebook. It sounds simple enough, until he decides to go meet her. The last hour of the movie will blow you away with what happens. Strongly recommended if you can see it.

  • Gil

    Thanx for directing me to that “Phrases that announce you’re lying post.” Excellent.

  • Pam

    Wow, the Facebook story gave me chills. My eyes welled up when I read she died. It’s amazing how many people stay connected with each other through social media.
    I rarely use Facebook apps but I did try this thing called “your year in status updates”. I put together a collage of many of the posts I have made over the last year and it really does tell a story. I was surprised how much I actually post!
    Thanks for sharing this!