Weekend Coffee Links


Welcome back to the weekend! It’s slated to be a gorgeous one here in Troy, NY so I hope it’s pretty where you are, as well.  If so, get outside! Who knows how much longer we’ll have this nice weather. Well, unless you live in one of those make believe places like California. Or Florida. Or anywhere else where weather doesn’t exist. Then, pfft.

Anyway! Are you ready for some Weekend Coffee Links? I hope so. Let’s go.

  • In Afghanistan, boys are prized and girls live the part: Afghan families take to dressing up their little girls as boys to deal with social pressures and to tempt the gods into blessing the  family with a ‘real boy’.  And then my heart sank. Heartbreaking stuff.
  • Woman cuts herself in half to remove cancer: Battling bone cancer, a 31-year-old woman had her leg, lower spine and half of her pelvis removed.  It was the first time the procedure was ever done on a live person. She’s now cancer-free and determined to live life to the fullest.  You go, lady.
  • Internet helps a 9-year-old boy bury his dad: After it was revealed a young boy was selling his toys to raise money to buy his deceased father a headstone, the Internet and locals joined together to help the boy and his family any way they could. If you’re feeling a bit like you need your faith restored in the human race, this one comes complete with unicorns.
  • The End Of Men: Ben Kunz makes a compelling argument that men are being phased out.  Sigh. If only. ;)
  • How to lose 10lbs in 14 days: I know, I know, but this article is way more intelligent than it sounds. As proof, it comes from Tim Ferriss.  It’s a long read, but mighty interesting and may make you rethink your diet. Death to grains!
  • The Way I Work: Michael Arrington: I’m not really a fan of Arrington, but I respect what he’s built. I’m also really interested in skulking other people’s work habits to help improve my own.
  • The Emergency Bra: In sudden need of an emergency respiratory device? Take off your bra and put it over your mouth. Gentlemen, don’t worry. This article says a device for you is in the works, too. However, I think you’ll be way less likely to use it. Just a hunch.
  • Top 10 New Foods at the 2010 State Fairs:  If the above diet link wasn’t your cup of tea, maybe this one is.   Deep-fried cheddar-bacon mashed potatoes ON A STICK?  Just throw me in a wheelbarrow and cart me around.
  • The Talking Tree: In case you think it’s impossible for your company to get on social media, here’s a tree that tweets, Facebooks and interacts.  I’m not sure what the purpose is but, hey, who doesn’t need a Twitter account? Exactly.
  • 33 Oddest Animal Couples: OMG, guys! The pigs dressed as tigers? A gorilla snuggling a kitten? I LOVE THE INTERNET!

That does it for me.  Feel free to share your own awesome finds for the week.  We’ll see ya Monday! :)

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  • Kristi

    You know, every week there are at least two links in these that I have to send to my friends/post to Facebook! Loves it.

  • Gil

    I think Florida has weather. It’s called oppressive heat.
    You think Kunz made a compelling argument? Yikes.

  • @TheGirlPie

    Here’s what I like about you: that you can link to a post you feel will be helpful yo your readers even when you’re not a fan. A gal after my own heart ~ !

  • Andrew @ Blogging Guide

    The internet is really amazing, you can reach out and help someone and you can also find things that can inform, that can touch your heart, that can give you hope. Another set of great links!

  • Rachel

    The deep-fried mashed potatoes were easily my fav MN State Fair food. My husband had the corn dog pizza. He loved it. Missing from this list: deep-fried cheeseburgers.

  • Mike@Healthy Nursery Food

    Hi, thanks for sharing the links with us Lisa, I appreciate it. The story of the ‘Woman who cuts herself in half to remove cancer’ is a truely amazing and inspirational story.

    Thanks alot for sharing, do you happen to have a link to one of your more recent blog posts?