Weekend Coffee Links


Welcome to Saturday, Friends.  What are you up to this weekend? Something fun, I hope. While you figure it out, here are some Weekend Coffee Links for you to snack on. Remember now,  you have to wait 30 minutes to go swimming after digesting these. Be safe out there.

  • The True Calling That Wasn’t: How to know if you’re in the wrong job or just having a bad day.  When you’re forced to choose a career path at 18, sometimes you pick the wrong one. What do you do 20 years later when you realize you’re unhappy? [Somewhat Related:In Online Journalism, Burn Out Comes Younger. ;) ]
  • Pulse of the Nation: Researchers from Northeastern University and Harvard University studied the dynamics of Twitter to track people’s mood throughout the day.  Naturally, they then created an infographic about it. Because it’s 2010. And that’s what we do.
  • Letter from 1930 Finally Delivered: It’s like walking right into your own Back to the Future. Handwritten letters? How novel! Also, stamps where three cents in 1930. We’re totally getting ripped off.
  • TEDWomen: Brilliant or Belittling: It was announced earlier this week that the TED conference series would be creating TEDWomen to focus on all those great women minds in tech. Michelle Tripp asks if the idea is brilliant or belittling, arguing that the way to honor women is not to segregate them. I couldn’t agree more. But you probably already knew that.
  • How to tell a journalist from a blogger: A great post outlining the tell-tale signs of a journalists. Creating a free blog doesn’t make you a journalist any more then it does a professional writer.  You should be able to spot the difference.
  • Mexican police arrest man hiding 18 monkeys under clothes at airport: Yeah. You just read that. Also, TINY MONKEYS! The post, itself, is kind of sad.
  • Florida Teacher’s Essay Becomes Rallying Cry For Respect: I’d encourage you to go read Jamee Miller’s letter. When you’re done, go hug a teacher.
  • Porcupine Thinks It’s A Puppy:  This video made the rounds on the Web this week. And I know I’m supposed to find it adorable and “aww” at it but…IT TERRIFIES ME!  Hell, porcupines are scary! It’s like something out of a horror movie.  Do not want!
  • 50 My Little Pony Mods For Geeks: These are just frightening. And I hope My Little Star Trek Pony’s father knows she left the Starship Enterprise looking like that? Geez.

Okay, your turn. What caught your eye this week?

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