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Happy Saturday! Wow, it’s hard to believe we’ve already completed another week. It seems like just yesterday it was Wednesday and I was talking about Old Spice. And then it was Thursday and we were still talking about Old Spice. And then, well, Friday  happened. OMG, did you WATCH all the Old Spice YouTube videos this week? Did you at least watch the one the Old Spice Man made for me?! If not, you should. You should watch it 10 times. I did.

Wait? What are we doing here again? Oh yeah! Weekend Coffee Links! I haz them and now I’m gonna share them. You share yours too.  Here we go.

  • DeMuros were inseparable in life, death: They met in 1947; spent 62 years living a simple, rich life; and then died just hours after one another as a result of multiple illnesses.  That lump you’ll get in your throat while reading it? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal.
  • Confessions of former debt collectors: You’ll have to click through ten slides (sorry), but the crazy stories you’ll read more than make up for it. Sometimes you don’t know whom to feel sorry for – the debt collectors or the people on the other end of the phone.
  • The big lies people tell in online dating: Dating site OK Cupid analyzed user profile information and found that people lie in online dating.  It seems average men pretend to be taller, desperate girls pretend to be bisexual and we cling to our “good photos” of three years ago. Yeah, did anyone really not know that?  Isn’t that the point of online dating?
  • Chicken came before egg, evidence suggests:  Well then, there you go. Still no answer to the much-hyped “why did he cross the road?” question. Check for that next week.
  • How the Old Spice videos are being made: I know, I know, you’ve read a lot of Old Spice-related content this week, but I almost promise this is the last one we’ll share.  It’s a great recap of how exactly Old Spice was able to write, produce and turn out their videos as quickly as they were.
  • Grandpa and Grandma play piano: I’ve got a secret. A super badass, scary SEO sent this to me earlier in the week and dared me to include in the weekend links. It will absolutely melt your heart. And if I told you who sent it, your entire vision of him/her would change. :)
  • The Creativity Crisis: A really interesting read that shows, for the first time ever, tests show American creativity scores falling.  We’ve stopped asking questions and have lost interest. According to the article, people who grew up “under hardship” tend to be more creative because it forces them to be flexible. Really worthwhile read.
  • Modern Life: I’ve never felt so judged in my entire life.  However, this is why it’s important to get more out of coworking, so you DONT spend your entire life in the same outfit, at the same desk. There’s less shame that way.
  • Dueling Carls: Sometimes you stumble across things that make you giggle like a moron for no apparent reason. This is one of those finds. Also, Outspoken Media has a partner meeting in an hour. I imagine it’s going to sound very similar.
  • Private Ninja Lessons: You know, for the person in your life who has everything. BUT INVISIBILITY!  If you decide to sign up, let me know. I have a ninja sword you can borrow.

That’s some of what caught my eye this week.  Your turn.

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