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Welcome to Saturday, my friends.  More importantly, welcome to my vacation as I write this one from the road. Don’t worry, after this post I have vowed to sign off from the Internet for the next week to enjoy some downtime. However, I couldn’t very well leave you without something fun to read for your Saturday morning, could I? Of course not! I loves you too much.

Before we hop into the link list, I also wanted to mention Hupspot’s Facebook Page Marketing Guide that was released earlier this week. It combines Facebook marketing tips from a super smart group of marketing consultants and bloggers and I’d encourage you to give it a read.  There’s even a section written by yours truly. You can add it to the rest of your Saturday reading. But now onto the links!

And that does it for me. Time to sign off and do this vacation thing proper. Remember to come hang out on the blog next week.  We have a serious list of guest bloggers that you’re not going to want to miss.  See you in July! :)

Your Comments

  • Dr. Pete

    Wow, love the comic on adulthood. That pattern rings true for way too many people I know. Now, I have to wax philosophic about it. I can do that now, because I’m almost 40. Also, you’re on vacation, so you can’t stop me (well, you can delete this later, but you can’t stop me from typing. NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM TYPING).

    Here’s what I think, since you didn’t ask: I think responsibility is a bit like a drug or maybe a not-quite-deadly poison. You have to build up your tolerance. If you go all crazy and take on adulthood in one weekend, you’ll be high as a kite on Saturday and then either crash and burn on Sunday or die. Either way, it’s not good.

    If you bite off just a bit more than you can chew, though (let’s say 5%?), you feel a little bit of accomplishment and a little stress, and then you realize that 5% wasn’t so bad. You start to build habits. When I was a bachelor, going to the grocery store AND doing my laundry on the same weekend felt like a Herculean ordeal. Throw in cooking my own dinner and I damn sure deserved a plaque, not to mention 100 virgins in heaven. Now, I can somehow do all of that on a Saturday morning and barely break a sweat.

    How did that happen? I woke up one day and did it, and I didn’t die. Startled by this revelation, I tried it again a few weekends later. Still not dead. I didn’t try to immediately climb Mount Everest after that, but I added a bit more to the plate. As of writing this, I’m still not dead.

    Oh, it also helps to have a wife who wakes you up at 7am on Saturday with your to-do list and implies that your continued health may depend on accomplishing that list (love you, dear). Seriously, I’d never go back.

    • Rhea Drysdale

      I can stop you from typing… but I won’t. You’re on a roll this morning between Apple and adulthood!

      Agree on the slow tolerance build up to adulthood. I’ve really gotten better at it since we started the company, but there are still moments when (like Lisa), I stare out of the window and see how pretty our park is just want to go play outside. Recess should have continued into adulthood! Frankly, I need the imposed break to force my body to leave the apartment and perhaps take a shower. Working from home is like private school, but our uniforms are PJs. :D

      Adulthood is defined by emails for me. When I’m ahead of the emails, I feel proud and responsible. When I’m behind, I feel like an idiot that just wants to eat cotton candy and watch reality TV hoping that some natural disaster wipes out everyone’s Internet access. I’m ok with all of the other to-do’s, it’s just the emails that kill me. Oh, and the bank. And the post office. Those places still scare me because everyone looks like they know what they’re doing and what forms they need and I have no clue. They didn’t teach us that in school!

      Have fun with that honey-do list today. :)

      • Dr. Pete

        I still wake up some days convinced that I’m failing all of my clients and they’re just on the verge of figuring out I’m a moron and dumping me. Then, they re-up their contracts :)

        • Rhea Drysdale

          Our clients are month to month, so every month we get that affirmation and it rocks. The emails for me aren’t as bad with the clients though, it’s usually family and friends, because I’ve compartmentalized my life. It was my way of doing adulthood a little at a time. Facebook is for them, but it’s on my terms. Anyone trying to get me outside of that is on hold until my brain detaches from OSM (usually means the weekend!). Speaking of, time to knock out some chores. ;)

  • Jill Whalen

    Good links (as usual!).

    The stalker one was definitely creepy. I was uncomfortable the whole time reading it, but it was fascinating and very true.

    As for being responsible, I found that having kids kinda makes that happen. When you have a baby, there’s no more procrastinating. If baby needs to eat, it needs to eat NOW. It gets a little better when they’re older, but I don’t know how many times the kids were supposed to have physicals for school each year and I was like…oops…was I supposed to schedule that? Now that mine are almost grown, I’ve gotten way less responsible. Barely cook anymore. Don’t care if house is a mess (just don’t have guests!), etc. As to the bank…that’s what ATMs are for,guys!

    Oh, and I got 87% right on the pills v candy. Scary.

  • becky

    The stalker article was both fascinating & scary at the same time. That’s one of many reasons why I locked down Facebook fairly tightly. Twitter’s another story, but I’m aware that everything there is public, so…

    I have seen how people use this type of information against others online. Someone does something that a group of people don’t like and people go crazy. There was one girl who faked a pregnancy with a supposedly sick (very sick) baby and readers went out of their way to look up her address, employer, and CALL her family & friends — after they found out she was faking. Some people have no boundaries and THEY are the ones that scare me.

  • Kim M.

    I think I had a 78% on the pills vs candy … but I find the NKOTB+BSB video a million times more frightening than accidentally eating rat poison.

  • Andrew@BloggingGuide

    Confessions of an online stalker really is frightening. Lesson learned: I think it’s best not to be so open in the internet and start really getting private. What if the stalker is not as good as the one who wrote the post? It pays to be cautious and careful…