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It’s the weekend! And it’s gorgeous outside. Today is AWESOME!  Also awesome? Some of the links located in this edition of the Weekend Coffee Links. I’m telling you, we’ve got some good stuff. So go grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and let’s dig in.  It’s Father’s Day Weekend and this girl has a train to catch. I’m coming home, Daddy! :)

  • The End Of The Best Friend:  Did you know that having a best friend teaches kids to favor one individual over another and paves the way for exclusivity and bullying?  Also, OMG, GET A GRIP, PEOPLE!  Your kid’s getting bullied because you let him wear a cape to school. That’s why he gets picked on.
  • 20 Things I Wish I’d Known at 20: Ladies, regardless of your age, read this.  I printed it out, put it on my wall, and at night I light candles and snuggle it.  It’s just t hat good. [I guess dudes can read it, too.]
  • I’m Comic Sans, Asshole:  Maybe those crazy parents are right.  We have become bullies.  Poor little Comic Sans.
  • Shining a Light Where It Needs To Be Shown:  Because at 28, way too many of the women in my life have been victims of domestic violence.  Keep shining the light on it until sometimes changes because the only person who should be ashamed of domestic violence is the abuser.
  • The Twitter Devolution: Remember all those reports that of an “Iranian Twitter Revolution”? Rumors that citizens were using Twitter to organize political protests and how the Iranian government didn’t like it? Yeah…that never happened.  So those of you that turned your Twitter avatars green? Yeah. You can change them back now.
  • Orangutan and the Hound: OMG, guys!  Prepare to melt. No, I mean it. That cold, dark spot in your heart you’ve never told anyone about? Don’t worry. After you watch this video it will be gone. Guaranteed or a cookie on me. Best friends!
  • The Bitch Slap: You Run A Business, Not A Free Clinic:  Say it with me: You are a service. You have value. You are NOT a free clinic.   Stop discounting what you do for a living because the moment you do, everyone else will, too.
  • A Field Guide to Wifi Users At Starbucks:  Funny because it’s true.  Also, please don’t tell me I’m that pink girl in the bottom row.  I’m not, right? Please tell me I’m not.  Can I be the last chick?
  • Southwest intercepts package of human heads in Little Rock:  A Southwest official confirmed that the airline intercepted a package containing “40 to 60 human heads” this week.   But it’s okay, they weren’t murdered heads or anything. They were normal dead heads being shipped to a medical facility for testing.  No…wait…that’s still messed up.  WTH?

That’s it for me. What did you find this week that caught your eye?  Let me know in the comments.   And Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there.

Your Comments

  • Dawn Wentzell

    Can I have a do-over on my 20s? I missed like… all of those things.

    Ahh, fukkit, 30s the new 20 anyway.

  • Alan Bleiweiss


    I really appreciate how you find such a diversity of interesting topics to entertain us on lazy Saturdays.

    I think educators have become inept at educating when it comes to societal life. No clothing that might offend. No touching (not even kindergartners hugging these days) and now No best friends? It’s as though their inability to properly educate has morphed into a need to control. Scary…

    The plight of Estrella is, sadly, all to common. Brought up in a society that teaches forgiveness, second chances, and that people can change, she stayed in a marriage that needed to end with the first signs of violence. I’m going to pray for her. And I pray that we, as a society, evolve beyond what I consider one of the most horrific aspects of life – domestic violence…

    Now about those dead heads… It amazes me that people actually think they’re going to be able to ship body parts as if they’re “just another regular package… Like shouldn’t they be refrigerated? Or labeled? Like, uh, okay now I have to stop because this is making me want to vomit…

    On that note, have a great weekend back on L.I. – hope you can win your mom over :-)

    • Lisa Barone

      The No Best Friend rule just seems so sad. I can’t imagine going through life without a best friend. Neither can most people – that’s why they have dogs. Or children.

      I don’t even know what to say about the head thing. The best was the story that came out AFTER saying it’s ‘not that uncommon’ to see strange packages. Hi, there are strange packages and then there are PACKAGES CONTAINING 50 HUMAN HEADS!

  • @TheGirlPie

    Great batch of new-to-me finds/links, Lisa —
    thanks for sharing ’em. I’ve already proposed marriage to the first four I explored
    Just tops ~


  • Scott

    If it is expert week, I need some expert advice on how to smoothly send the ‘Things I Wish I’d Known at 20’ to my girlfriend without it appearing like I’m saying ‘stop complaining, stop worrying, talk less, and wear less clothing’.

    Experts, please advice. :-)

  • Scott

    Please advise* (Great articles btw… and the Orangutan vs Hound Dog is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time.)

  • Kim M.

    My god, what is with all this over-managing of every aspect of a child’s life? I’m going rip out my uterus now, k? thx, bi.

  • Melinda

    For inter-species friends, I like Owen and Mzee better: