Weekend Coffee Links


Happy Saturday!  I hope you all kicked butt this week and accomplished more than you ever thought you could.   I’m finally upright again and can move… so naturally it won’t stop raining.  Life is funny, eh?   And it’s also filled with great links!  You know the drill. Below are some of the links that best caught my eye this week.  Maybe they’ll give you a giggle or something to think about.  And if not, than share what moved you.

That’s my link collection for the week. What do you have for me?

Your Comments

  • Sally

    Hey Lisa,

    Gamers bodies like a 60 year old, ha ha ha that made me laugh, thank god I don’t play games, but the plumber one was hilarious as it did sound like an intro to a porn movie!

    How disturbed is my mind that I thought that before you mentioned it.

    Thanks for this post, it gave me a huge giggle.

    Sally :)

  • John Soares

    Another excellent weekend list Lisa. You, and Kristi at Kikolani.com, have inspired me to do my own weekly lists.

    Hope you spend a lot of time away from the computer this weekend…

  • Joshua Black | The Underdog Millionaire

    Great list for some good, rainy day reading.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • Stephen Carey

    Again, you have led me to some informational sites, some, as you mention, endearing stories, and, to something that one of our clients would want us to design, and we would have to fire them as a client or just do it and then move to a new city. (Bounce Bargain Rentals) I am afraid to even see how you fount that site. I am all over the place on the Web and the Internet and somehow I have, up to now, missed that work of …

    All the best,

    Stephen Carey