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Happy Memorial Day weekend! Gosh, this year is going quickly.  I hope you have Monday off and that you’ll be spending it outside, near water and enjoying your friends and loved ones. If you don’t have Monday off, cool, meet me on Twitter at 9am cause I have to work. W00t!

Below you’ll find some of the links that caught my attention this week.  It seems I was only catching things related to dating and/or women issues. I really need to stop working so hard and get out more, don’t I? Please don’t judge me.

  • Baby’s reaction to hearing for the first time:  I tweeted this out yesterday, and then continued to watch it about a dozen more times. It’s beautiful in the exact way that things are meant to be beautiful.  Watch it. It will make your day better.
  • iPhone Makers Reportedly Vow Not to Kill Themselves: A 10th employee of iPhone-maker Foxconn jumped to his death causing the corporation to install safety nets (!) and require employees to sign a waver saying they won’t off themselves or each other. I’m sure that will work. Wait – what?
  • How Not To Get Pregnant: Some things are better if you don’t set them up.  This video is one of those.  It’s why Al Gore invented the Internet.
  • Horrifying 12-day Cool Whip Experiment:  Okay, now imagine that INSIDE you. May you never ingest Cool Whip again.
  • Intertwined Loved Story: Twins Who Married Twins: Forget the twins parts, this is just a great love story. Times two!
  • Dorothy Kamenshek dies at 84:  The real Dottie Hinson passed away and left one heck of a legacy behind her. Chicks rule!
  • The Nice Guy’s Guide to Realizing You’re Not That Nice: Gentlemen, you’re not single because “nice guys finish last”, you’re single because you’re a dweeb.
  • 10 Women Entrepreneurs Show How It’s Done: A follow up to his male entrepreneur interviews, Daniel Scocco interviewed ten entrepreneurial ladies to examine their work habits. I happen to be featured, but feel free to ignore that part. The rest of the ladies actually deserve their spot and apparently all work longer hours than I do. However, I’d like to remind you that time in front of your computer != working.  #justsayin
  • The Traveling Red Dress: I just love this whole thing to pieces.  It’s a holiday week. Treat yourself to something. Something you’ve always wanted but convinced yourself you couldn’t have.  Maybe it’s a new bag.  Maybe it’s a new adventures.  Whatever it is, go get it.

That’s my link collection for the week.  Do you have anything to share? Either way, here’s wishing everyone a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

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  • Alysson

    I got a VERY dirty look from my niece earlier this week when I showed her the Cool Whip with the smiley face. And then she said, “Even the Cool Whip in the can?” I obviously responded, “Um, yeah. The shit in the can may be even worse.” Which resulted in my being slapped as she stormed away. Mission accomplished. :)

  • Dawn Wentzell

    There’s a Chinese restaurant in Guelph called Sun Sun’s, and they stay open after the bar. When I first moved here, I tried them a few times, but even drunk I didn’t really like it.

    One night, in my residence hall lounge, there was a food fight involving Sun Sun’s noodles. They ended up behind the TV, which was bolted to the wall. This was maybe October. By the end of the school year – May – the cleaning lady had yet to find the noodles behind the TV. They were still there, still noodles. They hadn’t attracted bugs or mice, they hadn’t gotten moldy, and they hadn’t started to decompose.

    Fake food is gross (and I haven’t eaten Sun Sun’s since).

  • Juliechristie

    Fascinating stuff. Squeamish? Bah. I read it while I was eating breakfast. Thanks for the great article! There is hope for us bloggers out there! All the best!

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  • Andrew@BloggingGuide

    Another set of great links. I was totally touched by the video: Baby’s reaction to hearing for the first time!