Weekend Coffee Links


Happy Weekend!  It’s been a fun week here on the blog. We tracked Outspoken’s summer plans, chatted about blogger hypocrites, how to get social ROI from conferences, and then ended it all up with a great debate on Twitter snobs.  You guys helped create some discussions and I thank for it. Also, most of you seem to think I’m not a snob. Huzzah!

To make things even more fun – it’s Saturday! And it is absolutely GORGEOUS here in Troy, NY today. That means as much as I love you, I’m about to go run around in the grass and pick some flowers. But before I do that, here are the links that caught my eye this week.  It’s a little light due to lots of travel, layovers and canceled flights, so I’m hoping you’ll help me fill in the blanks.   For your effort, I offer up this baby hippo. Baby hippo!

On to the links!

And that sums up my good finds. Whatcha holding on to, Internet?

Your Comments

  • Sally

    Hey Lisa, omg that has to be the cutest pic I have ever seen! So adorable, I want one, well if it stayed that size and never grew I do, I too am enjoying some sunshine in Scotland, UK for once we normally get rain, safe journey, Sally :)

  • Christy Correll

    Love the baby hippo! And the fact that I don’t need a box of Kleenex to check out these links like the ones you posted last weekend. Or was it the weekend before? May is just running together. I seriously spend hours that Saturday reading the blog about the guy who lost his wife as she stood up to hold her daughter. I haven’t yet recovered enough to visit the blog again.

    Enjoy the sunshine up there – it has finally returned here in Denver, where it belongs!

  • Marty Martin

    A baby unicorn would’ve been better. Just saying…

  • Amy Collins

    There is a lot of cool stuff out there to make life easier for parents traveling with babies. Unfortunately there is some real junk too. The recent recalls of Fisher Price toys sure gave me cause for concern. I spent some time looking into it and wrote about it on my blog…http://infiniteseriesgroup.com/baby-travel-gear-why-is-it-important/