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All settled down from yesterday’s Zuckerberg burning? Yowsa.

It’s Saturday! It’s your day to do exactly what you want.  It’s about pretty things and sunny things and…search conferences. Speaking of! For those heading down to Search Exchange, keep an eye out for the Outspoken ladies. Rhea, Rae and myself will all be in North Carolina for the event. Rae and Rhea will be delivering keynotes on Monday and Wednesday, respectively, and I’ll be in my  hotel room. Working.  So, I mean, not much different there.

Anyway, you know the drill. Here’s where I share some of my favorite links of the week. Look out, because there are some juicy ones this time around.

  • Stop Slutting Up Our Girls:  In case you missed it, a video circulated the Web this week featuring a dance group of 6- and 7-year old girls rocking more whorish dance moves than I could ever possibly hope to bust out.  Obviously, it ruffled some feathers. In the end, C.C. Chapman offered some great insight about how we maybe shouldn’t sexualize kids still young enough to believe in Santa.  Just a thought.
  • no arms, no legs…no worries:  Careful, watch this one and you may start crying at your computer.  Just a little something for the next time you feel sorry for yourself.
  • Entrepreneurs should be respected, not loved: Love this: “Embrace not being loved.  Don’t be a dick.  But learn to live with the doubters or the naysayers.  Live with the grumblings of people who don’t agree with you.  Let them air their opinions.  Give them their voice. ”  Amen. 
  • I never told that lie again: Just something to make you smile.
  • Were you spanked as a kid? CEOs say yes:  A new ‘study’ found that out of 20 CEOs interviewed, all were spanked or paddled as children.  They probably all ate dinner and watched TV, as well.  Did anyone really grow up without getting a swift slap to the head at some point? If so, please don’t tell me.
  • Are longer hours damaging your health: Next time you see those mouthy entrepreneurs tweeting about how they’re still ‘hustlin’ at 2am and working 14 hour days, remind them they’re going to die young.  Maybe it will shut them up.
  • Smart people drink more alcohol: Speaking of damaging your health, I am a genius!
  • http://myexwifesweddingdress.com/: Maybe the most ingenious site to ever hit the Internet.  How glad I am that I didn’t leave my would-be wedding dress in the hands of my ex-fiancé. Who knows what he would have used it for. Well, actually, now I guess I know.
  • Mediterranean gray whale appears ‘back from the dead’: Thought gray whales were extinct? Seems not. Gray whales to now be renamed Buffy Whales.
  • A veteran journalist offers advice to a young journalist:  Advice like this is why newspapers are dying. The Internet had nothing to do with it.
  • ‘Friday Night Lights’ High School Star ‘Jerry Joseph’ Caught Lying: You may have thought about going back to high school as an adult to relive your athletic glory days, but this guy actually did it. And got caught. Oops.
  • Liquid Mountaineering: This…this is just ridiculous.

That wraps up my fun finds. Whatcha got for me, Internet?

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