Weekend Coffee Links


Welcome back to Saturday, kids!  I hope the week treated you well and you were able to get outside when the weather allowed it. Unless you live Minnesota. I think it was still snowing there this week. People, STOP LIVING IN MINNESOTA!   But I digress.

Below you’ll find some of my top link picks for the week.  Hopefully you’ll find something that grabs your interest. If not, share some of the great stuff you were reading this week. Sharing is caring. And makes cookies have no calories. I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere.

  • Antisocial Networking? Is the Internet preventing kids (and let’s face it, adults) from forming healthy personal relationships? Or is it that damn rock ‘n roll music? My money’s on the latter. Also, why is this article in Fashion?  Is it my lack of personal relationships?
  • The secret cult of office smokers:  How the bond smokers create can actually held advance their careers.  See, I totally buy that. I’m always the loser stuck at the table at search conferences when everyone else goes to light up.  I know they’re dishing good stuff while I’m sipping my water.  I have to start smoking.
  • It’s Time to End the Epidemic of Prisoner Rape:  I hope it’s never “too expensive” to keep me safe. A hard read, but worth it.  Not every crime should cost you your life.
  • 7 insanely cool NYC food trucks: The burger and Mexican trucks need to be permanently parked outside my apartment. Or maybe even IN my apartment if someone could arrange that.   I’d knock down a wall for an in-house burger truck.
  • I can has bizcuit?:  That kitty is serious about that biscuit. And that couple desperately needs a child.
  • Take kids off Facebook:  A New Jersey principal is encouraging parents to get their kids off Facebook, stating that children are not psychologically ready for the damage that one mean person can cause online. He’s got a point. I don’t know most adults equipped to deal with the comments that come online.
  • 44 ways to ruin your financial life forever: I’m…screwed.  Guess I should have listened to my dad about that Roth IRA and well, mostly everything else on the list. Sorry, Dad. I’ll make you breakfast every morning when I’m forced to move home and live with you.
  • Results of xkcd’s color survey:  I mean, how do you spell fuschia fuscia fuchsia?
  • Marlo Armstrong and her lemon:  You just felt an egg drop, didn’t you ladies?
  • Dear Rae, Love Lisa: #justsayin ;)

Those are the links that caught my eye. Okay, it’s your turn, Internet.

Your Comments

  • Dan M

    Good stories! I like the Facebook one best; I often wonder what my stance will be on social networking when I have kids (someday). In return, here is my favourite link from this week:


  • Beth I. Skinner

    When I worked in politics I had a partner who smoked and it was the handiest thing EVER. We completely got to plot and plan behind everyone else’s backs because no one wanted to stand around with THE SMOKER and when meetings got really boring and he went to take a cigarette break I would run out after him. If we had stood there with our heads together whispering without that cigarette, everyone would have come over to see what we were doing but that cigarette was like a shield or something.

  • Kathy Jerzak

    Seriously? I live in Minnesota…unlike Duluth, it only fell and didn’t stick to the ground. Sun was out later this afternoon so its looking good. Plus I won 10 bucks on a bet when my GF’s betted during our glorious April that we would not freeze again …

  • Bradley Holton

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