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Are you exhausted? Because after the past 5 days, I am exhausted. From trying to keep track of the news coming out of Affiliate Summit West, yesterday’s hoopla with Twitter Local Trends and a week of just all out craziness, I’m feeling a little like this. People, it is time for us regroup and let the stress out.We deserve it! So get your coffee, put your feet up (careful not to knock over the computer) and let’s share some good stuff. You’ll feel better once we’re done. I promise.

  • Why We’re Not Getting Married:  The phrase “soul mate fetish” alone makes this article worth reading and attempts to explains why we’re all waiting longer to head to the altar these days. Somewhere my mother is horrified and secretly knitting booties.
  • Moms on Twitter: A Cautionary Tale:  You think YOU have family drama? You got nothin’ compared to Bow Wow. This play-by-play of passive aggressive tweets gave me giggle hiccups. And then I called my mother to thank her for not having a Twitter account.
  • Authenticity & The Attack of The Snark: I tweeted this earlier in the week but I think it’s so important and worth a read that I’m sharing it again. There’s a difference between being heard because you’re yelling and being heard because you’re respected.  Just be aware of it. Sarcasm does not replace having something worth saying.
  • The Seeds of Anger: When you’re in an airport waiting to board and you see an adult smack a child, what do you do? Do you get involved or keep chatting? What about when you start identifying with the child because you’ve been in that same place? A very brave post from Gwenbell about something way too many of us can identify with.
  • Pretty Women Anger More Easily: Research says that girls who think they’re pretty anger more easily. But…you knew that. Because you attended high school. And because you read the Outspoken blog every day. HEY-O!
  • Just-In’Love (video): All Over Albany, my favorite local blog, introduced me to Just-In’Love, a senior walk-on basketball player for Sienna College. Guys, his name is Just-In’Love! And he’s adorable! Can’t wait to meet his siblings New-ly’Wed and Just-Knocked’Up [I’ve worked really, really hard this week.]
  • Coca-Cola “Happiness Machine (video)”: When’s the last time you saw a giant sub come out of a Coca-Cola vending machine? Yeah…that’s the point.
  • Should we encourage self-promotion and lies: Clay Shirky offered a Rant About Women and this piece was one of the replies to come out of that, asking if we should encourage women to lie and self-promote to make them more ‘equal’ to men. Interesting debate regardless which side you fall on.
  • Dog vs Deer (video): Oh. My goodness. It’s the cutest thing to ever hit the airwaves! It’s a dog and a deer chasing each other and faux fighting. Thankfully, someone had the smarts to grab a video camera.
  • Haiti: Is this the best picture in the world?: The answer is yes. This little boy was pulled from the rubble after being buried alive for 8 days and had an ear-to-ear grin on face. Suddenly your week seems a tad more manageable, no? I cried like a baby.
  • Ted’s Airport Security Guide: No, you can’t bring your nunchakus on the plane. No, not even if they’re brand new. Yes, they mean it. No, you can’t bring the grenade either.  I’m about to get on a plane in a few days. I’m mentally preparing myself for the stupid people now.

Those are my top link picks. Anything you’d like to share with the class? I’m heading to California on Wednesday, any new traveling laws I need to know about or will Ted’s guide keep me safe?  It’s the weekend, folks. Make it a good one.

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