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Happy Saturday, folks!  If you were at PubCon South this week, I hope you made it back safely. I also hope you had a chance to track down Rae and Dawn to say hello and share some drinks. If you weren’t at PubCon South…yeah, me neither. But just think of how behind those folks are gonna be come Monday morning. We’re already caught up. MUAHAHA!

You know the drill. Below you’ll find some of the links that did the best job keeping my attention this week.  Share your own personal favorites and let’s give everyone something to read on this rainy, dreary Saturday.

  • Donners ate dog, maybe not people: I’m not sure why I found this so amusing, but I did. New evidence shows that the Donner Party, thought to be cannibals, actually ate dogs and cattle and, you know, NOT people. Oops.  Sorry for the online reputation problem, Donners!
  • How to Diagnose and Remove the WordPress Pharma Hack:  The very pretty Chris Pearson  speaks out on everything you need to know about the WordPress pharma hack and how to protect yourself. Unfortunately, he doesn’t include a video of himself in a wife beater this time. Life is hard.
  • AP Stylebook Finally Changes “Web site” to “website”: So, because the general public can’t spell, the AP has changed the correct spelling of Web site to its most common mispelling, “website”.  I hear tomorrow “a lot” will be changed to “alot” and the word “theire” will be created to handle those pesky there/their/they’re issues. Because why actually encourage people to learn to spell? Let’s just make up hybrid dummy words. Trophies for everyone!
  • Grandmother: Adopted boy sent back to Russia was violent: A boy is put on a plane back to Russia by his adoptive mother after he turns out to more than she bargained for. Can you ‘return’ a child when an adoption goes bad? This is sad all around.
  • Gasp! First new Scrabble rules since 1948?:  The Scrabble rules have been revamped (probably because people can’t spell) and players can now use disconnected words and even spell works backwards. The game is only being released in Britain but…you know, I’m pretty sure you won’t be deported for using their rules here in the States.  Just don’t tweet it.
  • Seat Selection: I strive to be the Internet version of that girl.
  • The difference between hungry and starving: I already tweeted this one out but I really love it. So, you get to read it again.  Hungry people show drive and earn respect.  Starving people freak us out.  Learn to spot the difference, both in yourself and others
  • Official Glee Drinking Game: The greatest show on TV is back and now there are rules for how to get effectively drunk while watching it. You’re so welcome!
  • Man Says Gun Used In Drunken Foreplay Killed Girlfriend: My father was right – sex kills people. I know, not funny. Totally not funny.
  • Best Damn Cooking Show Ever:  If I ever have a daughter, I hope she turns out exactly like Zaylee. Though, I wouldn’t name her Zaylee . I don’t want her to get beat up. I plan to love any children I mistakenly have.

Aaand that does it for me. Whatcha got, Internet?

Your Comments

  • Bob Gladstein

    Personally, I’m fine with either “web site” or “website,” (although I prefer the former) but I simply refuse to capitalize the initial letter of either “web” or “internet”. I know it’s accepted as correct, but I disagree. The web isn’t a place; it’s a network of servers.

  • Crimsongirl

    On Tuesday evening at the Pubcon kickoff party, I heard a loud thump and looked up to see what I think was Rae banging her head into the wall. Which might have been part of that Glee drinking game, but it was an hour before Glee came on the air even in the Central Time Zone. So I dunno.

  • Kim Krause Berg

    “I plan to love any children I mistakenly have.”

    You crack me up! :)
    Love these posts!

  • Jill Whalen

    So at first I thought it musta been a really slow news week as most of your links didn’t interest me. But I tried the best cooking show one (even tho I typically avoid videos like the plague).

    Glad I did! I can totally see her being your kid. You sure she’s not? :)