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Hey, Friends! It’s Saturday. Okay, maybe it’s Sunday, but it’s totally not my fault. Regardless, I hope it’s a pretty one whereever you are and that you get to spend it outside and with people who inspire gigglefits.  Because that’s what weekends are all about, especially in the Spring.  Here are the links that made me think, giggle, and [headtilt] this week.  I hope you’ll share your favorites below in the comments.  Because, that also is what weekends are made of. At least here at Outspoken Media.

  • A real person, a lot like you: We all got a great reminder this week in how easy it is to dehumanize people through a computer screen.  It’s easily my top pick for the week and something I think most of us could use a reminder on.
  • Life without the Web: Why cartoonist James Sturm is quitting the Internet for four months. What do you think? Are you jealous? Could you do it? I can’t even get my car washed without tweeting it to holy hell.
  • One year: You may remember little Maddy Spohr who touched the collective heart of the Internet and passed away at just 17 months after a brave battle. A year after her death, her father bravely recounts what life looks like today. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.
  • Hey Jude Flowchart: Take this with you to karaoke and you’ll be the star of the party. Well, beside the fact that you’re singing Hey Jude. I mean, does anyone really like this song? I know, I have no culture. Or soul.
  • Chatroulette Endmost Piano Ode : Since everyone thought Ben Folds was Merton anyway, he decided to embrace it and have a little fun with his audience (and those at home) while live in concert. It’s cool when people stop taking themselves so seriously and do neat stuff.
  • 15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wealth And Inequality In America: In case your week was just TOO good and you were just TOO excited about your life, this will probably make you feel worse.
  • Sandwich to be renamed for man with lockjaw:  Man dislocates his jaw attempting to eat a double Wicked.  I…have no words. Be careful out there, kids. Your sandwich will wait while you go grab a knife and fork.
  • I was sent to fake prom: If you haven’t read this story yet, take a few minutes to do so. Because it’s sickening, but important.  If you have read it, pass it on to someone who hasn’t. Maybe sometime soon we won’t have to read stories like these anymore.
  • How to write a Nicholas Spark movie:  It’s funny because it’s true.  And because I will go out and see everyone of these movies until the end of time. And then cry through the entire thing like I don’t know what’s going to happen. Oh yeah, I’m that girl.
  • Which punctuation mark would make the best weapon?: I mean, is there anyone not rooting for the asterisk here? I’m definitely on Team Ninja.

That about does it for me. What do you have to share this week?

Chatroulette Endmost Piano Ode

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