Weekend Coffee Links: Red Cup Edition


Well, hello!  How was your week? It’s been another busy one here for us at Outspoken Media. Did I mention the company’s moving? Don’t worry, it’s right across the street from our old space but you can catch a sneak peek of our new digs as they’re built over on the Outspoken Media Facebook page. While you’re there, feel free to stay a while and chat.  We’re all about that talky stuff.

But now let’s get to the links!

  • The coffeeshop fallacy:  This should be required reading for anyone considering starting a business. Because if it was, fewer people would probably start cafes that ruin their lives. Just sayin’.
  • Oops! Maybe cell phones don’t cause cancer: A study that looked at more than 350,000 people with mobile phones over an 8-year-period concluded users were at no greater risk than anyone else of developing brain cancer. That means Rhea can finally stop worrying. And get back to those calls.
  • How the Red Solo cup became an American party staple: Who knew a plastic cup had so much history and branding hiding within all that underage beer?
  • Women who wear makeup seen as more trusted, competent: Proctor & Gambled (which sells CoverGirl and Dolce & Gabbana makeup, BTW) commissioned a study that found women who wear makeup to work are seen as more trustworthy and more competent workers.  Remember that the next time you run out of the house fresh-faced and with wet hair, ladies. Or, don’t. Because that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
  • Bullying is not a rite of passage: Speaking of women being bullied, you don’t have to take it.  You can stand up for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be a rite of passage.  Good piece by CNN.
  • Celebrity letters to their younger selves:  Love. All of them.
  • Toddler experiences Angry Birds for the first time:  Videos like this are what the entire Internet is based on. You could also say it’s what marketing is based on. Watch it. You won’t be sorry. [Unless, however, you have your volume up too high. Turn it down for this one.]
  • 100-year-old marathoner finishes race: A man who entered the sport of marathon running at the young age of 89, completed his 8th marathon in Toronto on Sunday.  So, may I ask, what’s your excuse for not hitting the gym this weekend? Yeah? Get off your couch.
And that’s it for me. I hope everyone has a great weekend and we’ll see you here back on Monday.

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