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Happy Sunday! I mean, Saturday. I have a confession. I’m a hoarder. Only, I don’t hoard actual “stuff”.  I hoard links. Links to resources. Links to thinky things. And, of course, links to stuff that had me giggling so hard I developed the hiccups. And until now I didn’t have an easy way to share that with you guys. So, I thought starting Saturday morning link drop posts may be a good way to do that. What do you think?

Let’s give it a shot.

First, my friend Byron Gordon dropped me an email earlier this week to let me know that analytics guru Avinash Kaushik will be participating in an SES Webcast Tuesday, January 12th at 1pm. I hear he’ll even be giving out a few free copies of his book Web Analytics 2.0. Make sure to check that out.

If you haven’t seen Tamar Weinberg’s list of the Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009 well…then you’re doing 2010 a serious injustice. That thing is a beastly goldmine. [Happy belated birthday, Tamar.] I also offered up some SEO Trends to Watch for in 2010 for SmallBizTrends. Predictions and roundups, FTW!

The New York Times had an interesting piece on people who watch TV together, miles apart through services like Skype. I can’t lie – I do it. Often.  Sometimes it’s kind of nice to curl up on the couch and watch TV with someone who lives on the opposite coast. It makes the West Coast (and the people who live there) seem less far away.

Justin Kownacki explains how to be interesting enough to make social people talk about you, which, it turns out, means really just giving social media people a reason to talk about themselves. But you probably already knew that. Because you’re on Twitter. Talking about yourself. Holla!

Also from The New York Times: A woman got mad when McDonald’s ran out of chicken nuggets and punched the drive-thru window. She was later released on bail and isn’t allowed to have any contact with the store.  In unrelated news: Burger King has invested in tasers.

Over in the writing sector, Joe the Peacock broke down the difference between Authors, Writers and Wannabes (Who Are Also Douchebags). So, now you know.

And, of course, Mashable uncovered the secret as to why women where updating their Facebook status messages with colors. Seems they were all curing breast cancer. In case you’re wondering…blue.

Heading off the beaten path:

Need a good reason to be nicer to people? Social scientists are trying to build a case for the survival of the kindest, arguing that humans are wired for empathy.  Unless you’re fat. Then we have no empathy for you. We call bull and you need to get your ass in gear. However, I don’t recommend running in snow.

Okay, now tell me this isn’t the best plot for a movie – a drunk girl gets drunk, passes out in the broom closet of a local burrito bar and then sets the alarms off when she wakes up dazed and confused? It’s genius, right? It also just happened near where I live. Keep it classy, Schenectady!

2010 has officially answered all my prayers – a boyfriend you can rent in 2 hour intervals. I’m already making lists of everything I need him to do: Put away Christmas decorations.  Get an O2 sensor for my car. Install O2 sensor. Wash my floors.  Get groceries. Make me dinner. I could go on…

Going back to the giggle-hiccups I mentioned, this photo of Michael Cera and that Pauly D Jersey Shore kid made me spit chocolate milk all over my computer monitor. I don’t even have a reason for it. They both just look like they got caught in the wrong end of a wind tunnel.  Speaking of the Jersey Shore, I’m obsessed with this one.

Three words: Super. Mario. Jesus. It’s amazing. If we’re all going to hell, we may as well have some videos to keep us entertained.

I haven’t seen Avatar yet so I’m interested if this Avatar makeup tutorial is actually on point? I also want to go play with a hippopotamus.

And some cat news for good measure: A list of cats with fraudulent diplomas, how to do on-site SEO with kittens, and how to gift wrap a cat. I wish my cats were that patient.

That’s my link list for the week. Enjoy your weekend. :)

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