Weekend Coffee Links: Hey, Hey Edition


Holla! I mean, um, hello. It is Saturday, so please let me be among the first to welcome you to your weekend.  How was your week? Did it nearly kill you? I know, me too.  But now there are scrumptious links to look forward to as you nom your breakfast and maybe throw back some coffee. Are you ready for this?

Suit up!

  • How to get a real education: Stand out pick from the week. If you read one thing today, make it this.
  • Are you following a bot: I try to stay way from “work-related” material on the weekends, but this article from The Atlantic on the sophistication of Twitter bots is just too awesome.
  • The Sleepless Elite: I can’t lie. My favorite part of this article is where the author notes that “short sleepers”, people who only need a few hours of sleep a night, tend to gravitate toward careers in blogging, video game design and social media.
  • How self-compassion trumps self esteem: Treat yourself like you’d treat a friend aka it’s okay to stop beating yourself up because you didn’t grow up to be an astronaut.
  • The power of words: A reader sent me this and I nearly bawled my eyes out (it’s been one of those weeks). I’d really encourage you to give it a watch.  You’ll learn something that may help your Web site, but you may also feel human again.
  • China bans time travel in TV shows, movies: China has banned any depiction of time travel in TV or movies, saying it disrespects history.  There you have it. In China, censorship = okay, time travel = disrespectful.  Got it.
  • Animal impressions : I’m not sure whether to be IMPRESSED by this girl or seriously concerned.  I’ll let you be the judge.
  • How to lose graciously: Sorry, Tiger, you’re still doing it wrong. And that’s America will still always kind of hate you.
  • Creepy sculptures carved from bananas: What? It’s a niche.

That’s what I read this week. What about you? Let us know in the comments.

Your Comments

  • Sheree Knapp

    I really look forward to your weekend coffee links. Great stuff.

  • Jerry McCarthy

    I was referred to Outspoken’s blog by Jessica Lee who works over at Bruce Clay Inc. Before I comment let me first say that in only a week’s time, I’ve learned a ton from your blog. You know the feeling when you have one of those rare moments of clarity? Well it happened while reading your blog last week so many thanks for the inspiration! I am currently in D.C. and during this beautiful torrential down pour I dived into a book called “The Ten Commandments Of Business Failure” written by Donald Keough. He is the former president of The Coca Cola Company. It’s a super fantastic book written in more of a literal sense so instead of giving the typical “how to succeed” perspective, it breaks down “how to fail” side of business. Super easy read! Read it twice and it’s just one of those rare books you can always refer back to. I highly recommend it! Thanks and have a great weekend!

  • Josh

    Are you following a bot? Or a person who should be a bot?

  • Shira

    I love the Weekend Coffee Links. Thank you for compiling such a great collection every week.

    One question though, why not name the person who sent a link used here, instead of ” A reader sent me this…”? (If anyone’s wondering, it wasn’t me – I’m just asking.)

  • Brian

    At least Tiger didnt blatantly curse into a camera this time around. He seems to be working on his anger management.