Summer Jennings

Summer Jennings

Marketing Assistant

Summer joined Outspoken Media in May 2017 as marketing assistant, after having spent a 5-month internship with them during her senior year of college. She has experience in production, design, and layout across many media platforms, and loves working in projects such as influencer outreach, creative strategy, content creation, and graphic design.

Summer is originally from South Jersey, near the Philadelphia area, where she got her associate’s degree in Art Therapy. She then moved to Troy in 2015 to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Communicative Art & Design at Russell Sage College. Her professional past includes being a ceramic studio tech, working as an extra in a James Franco directed film, and a team leader/marketing assistant for an independently-owned branch of Chick-fil-A for four years. At the request of the Marketing Director at Chick-fil-A, Summer joined the marketing team as marketing assistant, running the store’s instagram, designing promotional window displays, and planning and hosting community outreach events. It was here that Summer discovered her marketing abilities. She decided to combine her natural inclination for art and mix it with her passion for marketing and public relations.

“I think, breathe, and sometimes accidentally eat, art… only because my paint water cups look a lot like drinking water cups,” she says, “that passion filters down into every aspect of my life, and most specifically, my work.”

What I believe in:

Samaritan’s Purse
Organization for Bat Conservation
Fight the New Drug

It’s always SummerTime at Outspoken Media

In the office, she’s known as “the one with the coolest shoes” and loves to experiment with her office-wear. She hosts an instagram page where she catalogues  her journey in mixing her eclectic style with professional business attire.

Summer’s favorite Outspoken projects include influencer outreach, creative strategy, content creation, and graphic design. She’s a big fan of the oxford comma and her favorite typeface is Caecilia.

In her off time, Summer likes traveling and volunteering wherever she feels led to. Her favorite past volunteering efforts were working with Habitat for Humanity in Tennessee and New Orleans for three separate years, being a part of a children’s puppet ministry for five years, and working at a bat hospital in Atherton, Australia in the summer of 2016.

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