Jennifer Franklin

Director of Accounts

Joined the team in 2021.

Prior to becoming the Director of Accounts at Outspoken, Jennifer worked in full-time positions as an Account Manager, Marketing Strategist, Marketing Coordinator, Digital Media Specialist, and Graphic Designer for digital and media agencies and at the headquarters of a national franchise.

Jennifer previously held the following positions at Outspoken Media:

  • Account Manager
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Jennifer Franklin, Director of Accounts at Outspoken Media.

What Jennifer enjoys:

Building client relationships, meeting with prospective clients, and client retention
Creating partnerships with clients to help their business succeed
Learning our client’s goals and keeping them on target with their budget and timeline
Developing governance, best practices, and workflows to grow digital teams
Working cross functionally within the organization to ensure all client needs are met
Mentoring and managing the Client Services department

Wants to work with:

  • Organizations looking for partnership and want Outspoken as an extension of their team
  • Engaged teams who are collaborative in the execution of SEO strategy work
  • Individuals who have big picture in mind and are trying to achieve their business goalss
  • Clients who are ready to uncover opportunity to grow their SEO presence
  • Open communicators with a positive attitude who want to get the job done right

Jennifer's hobbies & interests:

  • Cheering on her kids at football games and All-Star cheer competitions
  • Painting murals of flowers and other graphic art for home decor
  • Crafting with her daughter for different sporting events and teams
  • Creative sewing projects, like costumes and gifts, for friends and family

What the team wants you to know about Jennifer:

  • “A knowledgeable and supportive teacher who enjoys helping clients and teammates achieve success.”
  • “Advocates for both client and team member needs, and is thoughtful and considerate in her approach.”
  • “Understands client requirements and ensures project and goal alignment across teams.”
  • “Communicates concisely and reliably, ensuring effective and consistent interactions.”
  • “Actively listens during calls and ensures any remaining needs or actions items get addressed in a timely manner.”
  • “A dedicated cheerleader who shows unwavering support for both her kids and clients.”

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