Ebonnie Baker

SEO Content Specialist

Joined the team in 2023.

Prior to becoming an SEO Content Specialist at Outspoken, Ebonnie worked in full-time positions as an SEO Specialist for an inhouse ecommerce company and multimedia agency.

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Ebonnie Baker, SEO Content Specialist at Outspoken Media.

What Ebonnie enjoys:

Figuring out how to express a client’s tone and voice through writing
Connecting clients to their audience through content
Researching what people search for online – the differences in how people think
Solving gaps for clients that may be quick or undiscovered wins
Competitor analysis to find inspiration and opportunities for organic growth
Visually conveying the results of work performed
Finding ways to communicate effectively across teams and online
Helping teams understand SEO and building trusting relationships
Knowing the full picture for digital across design, strategy, UX, content, technical, etc.
Working with small businesses and locations to improve their local SEO

Wants to work with:

  • Teams who understand the value of SEO, but don’t have the resources to execute it
  • Marketing leaders who trust the perspective and strategy of experienced contributors
  • Companies who want to effectively communicate to their audience with quality content
  • Cultures that value growth mindsets so teams are able to effectively communicate
  • Organizations that want to learn more about SEO and are excited to work with us

Ebonnie's hobbies & interests:

  • Roller skating at the local rink for skate night
  • Baking cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, etc. for friends and family
  • Swimming, kayaking, hiking waterfalls and enjoying the beauty of North Georgia
  • Writing fictional short stories and screenplays
  • Taking time for self-care and relaxation

What the team wants you to know about Ebonnie:

  • “Courageous and talented creative with a keen sense of authenticity.”
  • “Possesses a strong knowledge of on-page SEO and copywriting best practices.”
  • “Easily adapts her writing to a client’s tone, voice, and preferred writing style.”
  • “Creates high-quality strategic deliverables across client projects, such as dashboards and content briefs.”
  • “A reliable writer and strategist who is always willing to step in and offer insight or assistance.”
  • “Brings positive energy and a stabilizing, inviting presence to the team.”
  • “Learns quickly and has naturally found success in the role across various content and strategy projects.”

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