Amy Hyde

Amy Hyde

Director of Operations

Amy Hyde has spent over a decade in various industries from broadcast, post-production/live-action to media, software, e-commerce and digital agencies. She gravitates towards small/midsize companies and start-ups for the energy, fast pace and unique challenges. Amy moved from NYC to the Capital Region in Feb 2015, and joined Outspoken Media in March 2018.

Amy started her leap into the business world by assisting the owner of LF Design, an interior design firm in NYC, where she found an interest in the design of office spaces to reflect the company culture while still being efficient and contributing to workflow. She then cultivated her career at Brand New School where she met her mentor/friend who taught her the fundamentals of managing a successful business. With her footing in finance and accounting, she adventured back into academia to complete a MS in Human Resources from New York University. After that, she set roots at CreateThe Group, where she did most of her career development and professional growing, as she helped the company expand and transition.

What I believe in:

No Way to “Hyde” Her Passion

Amy believes that employees are a company’s most valuable asset— which shows in her love for employees appreciation initiatives and happiness projects. She also specializes in office build-outs and renovations.

“Culture is an agency element that is created by the employees,” she says, “You cannot smell it but it can be seen or felt. It’s in the furniture, the decor, the talent and creates employee community.”

In her off time, Amy likes tackling new adventures with her daughter and husband — from hiking to snowboarding; surfing to paddleboarding. When there is time left in the week, she’s baking or tweaking a new recipe, dabbling in graphic design (mostly print), poking around with photography (Instagramming), DIY-ing or hyde-ing on Pinterest!

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