How To Track Down & Scout Out Influencers

by on 01/05/2011 • 32 Comments | Social Media

You’ve heard it a lot. The key to your social dominance lies in your ability to connect with your brand influencers and get them to pass on your content and their networks just how great you are. It’s well-intentioned advice but it means nothing if you don’t know who these influencers are and how to …Read More

How To Pick The Best Social Network For Your Brand

by on 12/15/2010 • 14 Comments | Social Media

My inbox is swamped right now. It’s swamped with endless end-of-the-year statistics all hailing the same thing – businesses are looking to up their investment in social media in 2011. They’re looking to these channels for promotion, lead generation and as alternate forms of customer service. And that’s great. But before you start throwing your …Read More

The Truth Behind Why Social Media ‘Hates’ You

by on 12/14/2010 • 29 Comments | Social Media

Sometimes it feels like social media is out to get you. Like if it’s not actively plotting your demise, it’s certainly giggling at it. You give it everything you’ve got and it never calls, never sends a gift and you’re constantly hearing whispers that it’s out canoodling with your biggest competitors. They’re getting retweets and …Read More

Google Hotpot: Social Layers Or Reinforced Box?

by on 11/16/2010 • 22 Comments | Social Media

While you were hopefully out having a life last night (I think I was still in the office…crap), Google released its personalized recommendation engine, Google Hotpot. The goal of Google Hotpot, other than just sounding completely ridiculous, is to make location recommendations more personal and relevant by recommending places based on your ratings and the …Read More

Back When Social Media Was Human…

by on 10/26/2010 • 26 Comments | Social Media

Over at the Harvard Business Review, Alexandra Samuel has a standout post on the devolving meaning of social media that I’d encourage everyone involved in marketing to go read. Her post touches on the vast disconnect that exists within the term “social”. Whereas a social company was once defined by being ‘of society’ and centered …Read More