Calling Birds: A Twitter Confession

by on 12/13/2011 • 7 Comments | Social Media

My name is Elf Emily… and I am a Twitter n00b. I realize that’s a risky confession coming from someone getting back into the SEO industry- but I am a believer in full disclosure. Don’t misunderstand – when Twitter first entered as a major player in the social media scene, I signed up for my …Read More

Can YOU Fix The Big Brand Personality Problem?

by on 08/19/2011 • 29 Comments | Social Media

At Copyblogger, Dan Zarrella says it’s the lack of calls to action that are stalling your social media strategy. Eh. Here at Outspoken Media, I disagree. I don’t argue that social marketers need to develop better calls to action. They absolutely do. But I don’t think I’d call that the biggest killer to most brands …Read More