Submit Your Sites for Micro-SEO Audits

by on 04/16/2012 • 4 Comments | SEO

We do it in public. We do it in our sleep. We even do it at family gatherings. SEO audits. As SEOs, we can’t help ourselves. When we see a site in need of optimization, our thoughts go into overdrive (tip of the day: always exercise caution when asking an SEO, “What do you think …Read More

After Linklove Boston 2012: What’s Next?

by on 04/06/2012 • 1 Comment | SEO

It has been a few days since my first-ever conference as an Outspoken Media employee, and first-ever Distilled conference. Now that we’ve had countless conversations about the stellar content presented at LinkLove, it’s time to get busy using the knowledge we gained. If you haven’t been able to attend a LinkLove conference, add it to …Read More

Be Heard. Take the 2012 SEOmoz Industry Survey

by on 03/22/2012 • No Comments | SEO

Hey, hey, ladies and gents, guess what? SEOmoz is asking for your help today. Actually, they’re asking for your brain. Don’t worry, the latter requires far less sweating and/or moving heavy furniture up stairs. Over on the SEOmoz blog, Rand has sent live the 2012 SEO Industry Survey, which he’s asking Internet marketers to take a little time …Read More

Demystifying Schemas for Food Bloggers

by on 03/21/2012 • 4 Comments | SEO

There are two things in this world I will never stop loving: food and schemas (sorry, husband). I’ve been a self-proclaimed pseudo-foodie for quite some time now, involving myself with the local food blogging and Yelping community to their chagrin as much as possible. Through those relationships, I’ve realized the knowledge I take for granted, …Read More

Is An Over-Optimization Penalty Coming For You?

by on 03/19/2012 • 17 Comments | SEO

One of the big news pieces to come out of SXSW was from the Dear Google & Bing: Help Me Rank Better! panel, which featured search favorites Matt Cutts, Duane Forrester and Danny Sullivan sitting down for a chatty Q&A session. Everything was running nicely until a gentleman asked a pretty pointed question. He wanted …Read More

Brainstorming Link Pitches with the Five Ws

by on 03/13/2012 • 4 Comments | SEO

In second grade we learned about Who, What, Where, When, and Why. I remember we were given short stories to dissect and then it was up to us to identify all the different parts. Who was the subject? What was the basic plot? Why was it happening? Etc. It was a simple exercise even back …Read More

The 6 Hidden Identities of an SEO Consultant

by on 03/08/2012 • 14 Comments | SEO

Rhea and I were having a conversation about our business recently when the topic of vendor vs. consultant was brought up. I can’t speak for Rhea but I’m not sure I had ever really thought about the difference. Luckily for me, there was a third-party present who was able to perfectly put it into terminology …Read More

What Was Your Defining SEO Career Moment?

by on 03/06/2012 • 17 Comments | SEO

Someone asked me yesterday about my “defining SEO moment”.  Essentially, they wanted to know how I got *here* and what decision or moment stands out in mind as being “key” to everything that has happened since. I thought about it for awhile and, in doing so, realized that there have truthfully been a lot of …Read More