Weekend Coffee Links


Welcome to the weekend, fearless friends!  It’s Saturday morning. That means the entire weekend is still yours to claim and anything is possible. But…before you venture out, here are some Weekend Coffee Links to help you kick start your day. They are the links that made us think, made us giggle and a few that we found slightly disturbing. Grab your morning coffee (or Saturday mimosas) and let’s get to it.

Ready? Okay then.

That about does it for me. Anything that grabbed your attention over the past seven days? Do you think ‘Pants on the Ground’ is going to be the big hit of 2010? Sound off.

Your Comments

  • There are some great links here. Thanks for sharing. I especially love the online photo posting link and the Signs you’re liked on Twitter. I don’t think I am liked on Twitter, but I am having a lot of fun with it.

  • Okay. so I’ve just completed viewing the Peter Pan fiasco. And so far, every link is a winner. This would go a lot faster if I didn’t have ADD. I’m sure of it. Oh. look. a shiny object….

    • Glad they’re keeping you amused. I bookmark A LOT of links during the week and then try to cherry pick them later. It’s a tough job. ;)

      • Update. Took me close to three hours to get through those links. Worth every distraction from all the shiny objects along the way. Yet just think. If you had added the target=_new I could have shaved a good 45 seconds off that time. 45 seconds I’ll never recoup. Where do I send the invoice for that?

  • Lisa that was Jimmy Fallon impersonating Neil Young he did it here too. Our parents generation are laughing at us now, thanks a lot.

    • Sadly, not even the real Neil Young could make Jimmy Fallon relevant.

      Though I’m really glad you find him unfunny, too, Lisa—my husband and I thought we were taking crazy pills (but we did watch him from time to time, just to see him writhe).

      I saw the girl who conned the Ivy League when it was on Law & Order. Seriously, season 13, episode 2. Her last alias even has the same last name as this girl’s real identity. Considering that episode aired in 2002, this is very weird.

    • Heh. Okay, so I never said I was up on my music knowledge. :p

  • Jimmy does an amazing Neil Young…Pants on the Ground is a perfect example of how quickly you can earn attention in this world of new media. I love it.

  • Fantastic links. Thanks for sharing the chuckles, the tears, and the “awwwwwes!”
    I look forward to your next Weekend Coffee post.

  • Thanks for the line up!

  • I’m enjoying these weekend links Lisa! It feels like I have Saturday cartoons to look forward to again. :P

    I do think disagreeing with someone really shows you respect them enough to challenge them. Because to challenge them, you have to understand their argument. It takes time to do that. It takes little to no time to simply nod with a smile.

    I think our social media problem of not enough Outspokenness is not just that people are timid to disagree, but also that people are afraid of being disagreed with. I notice a lot lately that when disagreement sparks in a communication stream, mods or cliqueies group pounce to tame it down. Rather than actually listen and try to better understand.

    Letting a disagreement run its course (respectfully of course) is something that brings rewards for all sides. And we won’t get nearly as far without it. Because it’s not just about talking on the Internet, it’s about getting along.

    • Hah, it is a bit like Saturday morning cartoons, isn’t it? :)

      And I agree. Without something coming in to challenge popular opinion, no one learns anything, no one benefits and we just keep on smiling and nodding and ignoring the conversation. Some of my favorite commenters are the ones who routinely come in to tell me I’m wrong, because we have the best debates. They MAKE the conversation. Somewhere along the line “respecting” someone meant never disagreeing with them. We all lose that way.

  • Thanks for including my link, Lisa. I always enjoy your opinions! :)

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I loved your post. Definitely gave everyone something to think about. :)

  • Love, love the Willy Wonka link. Great find!

    • I can’t lie. I was a little horrified by that one. I almost didn’t even included it. Heh.