Weekend Coffee Links: Things That Matter Edition


Happy Saturday, everyone! You’ll notice that today’s episode of the Weekend Coffee Links has a name. This is because Michael Gray whined about it.  Hopefully he’s happy now and will leave me alone. No…. he probably won’t, but at least I tried.

So how was your week? I hope it was everything you needed it to be to enjoy the weekend. I woke up to Saturday with a sore throat. Very funny, Universe, very funny. Below are some of my favorite link finds for the week. Grab a drink of your choosing and let’s hop into them together.  Ready?

Those are my interesting finds for the week.  Share yours.

Your Comments

  • Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for all the links, that’s my saturday night sorted then ha ha.

    I will say, just on browsing the darth vadar pics and the problem with getting better jumped out at me, not quite sure what that says about me, and I don’t think I want to know either!

    Enjoy your weekend, Sally :)

  • Heh, you do realize that “gave good advice” only translated into “whined” because you knew he was right, right?

    Nice collection of posts, thanks for sharing.

  • This is the funniest thing I saw all week:


    The copy, the pictures, the ideas in general — everything about it is entertaining.

  • Another great set of links! And I liked it with a title :) I am touched with the homeless brother, however, you really cannot help someone if they don’t want to be helped. Just leave them be. Painful but it’s the way it should be.