Weekend Coffee Links: Love Edition


Merry Weekend!  So, I have some bad news. My computer crashed while I was sound asleep last night and took with it all the awesomely funny and informative links that I hadn’t quite saved. I know, disastrous, right? But the show must go on.  Below is my improvised Weekend Coffee Links. Please do share your own fun finds, I could use them even more than usual.

Onward we go!

And that’s it from me.  What can you add to our links list?  Something to make us stop and think, perhaps? I’m counting on you, Internet.  Oh yeah, and this is for you:

Your Comments

  • Liz

    Hey Lisa & co! Thanks for the links and the forging ahead despite the crashed computer (I totally understand that feeling).

    Here’s another for the links list with a Valentine’s twist – an infographic of Valentine’s gift ideas from popular Q&A sites: http://www.nostupidanswers.com/2011/02/11/love-your-answers-a-look-at-valentines-qa-infographic/

    Keep up the awesome!

  • Hi I love your end of week roundup i just really like the mix of info, there’s always something that makes me chuckle and thee’s some more serious stuff which is useful thanks again

  • oooh, I had a good one to share this week, and here I am several days late. Sorry.

    Anyway, this is a happy-looking guy that is really, really good at throwing football: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0WMd0Y6hIw