Weekend Coffee Links: Father’s Day Edition


Oh my goodness, it’s the weekend. Praise to all that is awesome!  Below are some of this week’s top link picks that caught my eye.  I do hope you will find them a fun way to kick off the awesome weekend you’re about to have.  Grab something delicious and come on a journey with me.


That sums it up. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. See you back here Monday. ;)

Your Comments

  • Great links, as always. My favourite from this week is possibly the best flowchart ever made, called Should I Work for Free:


  • As always, loved the post. My favorite is “Lessons from an Italian father” because I miss my Mom so much. Also, she was both parents to me.

    Lisa, you are one of my favorite links over at my Sunday’s super-cool links
    Sunday’s super-cool links today.

  • A thought on “15 years ago vs today” – I worked for CompuServe for almost 13 years. Even in the pre-web days, there was plenty of porn flying around the Internet on Usenet. It was a bandwidth issue for online services way before broadband took off!