Weekend Coffee Links


Holy Weekend, Guys! Before we hop into the Weekend Links, I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on the blog this week. On Thursday I issued a challenge for lurkers to speak up and make their presence known. And did you ever!

I’m still reading through all the great thoughts you left and will be responding as I go through them.  But thank you to everyone who dared to get outspoken this week and helped create a power discussion. Your star power is amazing.

Okay, go get that coffee now. It’s time to share some fun links. As always, if something caught your eye, please share it in the comments.  Oh, and can you do me a favor and stand up as you read this? I’ll explain why in a little bit.

Okay, those are mine. Now it’s your turn. Whatcha got?  Tell me or I’ll send this growling bear after you!

Your Comments

  • The red state / blue state thing was interesting as I’m in AZ at the moment with @coriewhalen who has a mega dunkins habit. She was pleasantly surprised to find one yesterday. Maybe we’ll try the in and out burger today!

    • Please tell me that will all the search conferences in CA and Vegas that you’ve had an In N Out burger before?! They’re delicious. And you must. [The grilled cheese is also excellent.]

      That reminded me. I have this Favorited. ;)


      • Aha I forgot about that tweet. That was first I heard of them. I did see one when I was in Ventura area a few weeks ago but didn’t try it. I’m thinking it might be good for dinner tonight or tomorrow tho!

  • Re unfortunate names – I used to work with a bloke called Chris Mistry. Fact.

  • Well the only thing you missed is from a previous post. The following image is the same way I dress each day to start work. In other words, when I stumble out of bed I throw this gear on and sit in my house for the remainder of the day.

    It really is the highlight of my life.


    • That guy’s doing an impression of Ryan asking everyone for a lighter. :p

      • Oh No! I love the fact that we can run our mouths about him, and he will not defend himself on the Interwebs. One of these days he is going to find it all, and blast my in the face. Here is to you Ryan Garmley.

        • This is now in the top ten for his name. It was nice knowing you, Rick. :)

  • I love all of your weekend coffee links! Something to look forward to on saturdays!

    • Thanks, Kristin. They’re a lot of fun to do. :)

  • Thanks for sharing my link! Colour me tickled.

  • Thanks again for the fantastic Links! These always brighten up my Monday’s (I know they are weekend links but I would rather save them for Monday). I wanted to add a link that you may or may not have seen, but I just saw it today and thought it deserved a place on this list. Have a great day: