Hey, hey, Friends! It’s Saturday and there are rumors of three day weekends abound. Huzzah! Well, huzzah for you. I still have to work. While you’re enjoying some time off I hope you get a chance to tune into the Winter Olympics, which had its big Opening Ceremonies last night. We have to give them some love. I mean, they’re in Canada this year. That’s like putting them in the Neighborhood of Make Believe and unicorns. I’m kidding! There are also lots of fiddles. And tap dancers.

Anyway, another week means more weekend coffee link goodness. So grab your favorite morning drink (and maybe some early Valentine’s Day chocolate) and lets go on a ride.

  • Love Your Family More Than Your Business: Entrepreneur.com published an article stating that if you’re going to start a business you’ll have to love it more than your family. Otherwise the business will be a miserable failure. Well, then. Happy Valentine’s Day, couples!
  • Simon Says: Last week I offered up Tetris, this week it’s Simon Says. I hope you didn’t have plans this weekend, because you do now. Red, Red, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, GREEN!
  • Why Winning Streaks End: This article is full on insight and offered me my favorite new quote: Winners become sinners when confidence turns into complacency and arrogance. I wonder if I can get that on a pillow?
  • Norwegians Attack: OMG, who wants to go grab wetsuits and head out attacking cars? Yeah? Yeah! LET’S GO!
  • Barbie’s Next Career: Because Old Barbie wasn’t vapid enough, New Barbie appears to be channeling iJustine. Old Barbie was a much better role model for young girls, what with her impossible proportions, lack of purpose and love for a plastic man named Ken. At least she had a pink corvette. Justine just has an iPhone.
  • How To Write About Your Life: Apparently I should stop waiting for my moment of redemption and just get writing. I suppose that’s good. I’m not sure my redemption moment was coming anyway.
  • 100 Top Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded Without a College Degree:  Because you can’t teach hunger, hustle or heart. The latter is proven by the fact that Barry Diller is included on the list. Why no, I’m NOT over that yet, why do you ask?
  • Greatest WWF Campaign Ever: Ouch. Now that’s how you pull off a guilt trip.
  • Why Do People Push Placebo Buttons?: Because it gives them something to do in elevators other than hum and feel awkward?
  • Japanese Ukulele Duo!: The fiddlers at last night’s Opening Ceremonies have nothing on these knitted ukulele…players. Ukulele’ists? Ukulelians? I don’t know. It’s cute.

Those are my favorite links of the week. What did you stumble across? If you have something awesome, drop it in the comments. If not, have a great weekend anyway. And remember to show someone some love on Valentine’s Day, even if it’s just yourself (or your favorite blogger).

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Lisa Barone

Lisa Barone co-founded Outspoken Media in 2009 and served as Chief Branding Officer until April 2012.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Links

  • Michael D on said:

    How timely since I happen to be drinking coffee and enjoying a bagel with lox. We’re looking at mid-70s here this weekend so I think it’s safe to say it will be an enjoyable one. I didn’t plan ahead to take Monday off ( and no one’s going to pay my bills) so I will be in the office, but not before I enjoy a sunny Sunday.

    Remember, it’s also Chinese New Year, year of the Tiger. Happy new year, happy Presidents’ Day, and happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Lisa Barone on said:

      I didn’t even know Monday was a holiday until I saw everyone bragging about their three day weekends. I feel so left out. Lots of holidays happening…and I don’t get to celebrate any of them. I blow.

  • Penina S. Finger on said:

    I don’t have to actually click on any of these links because I’ve just had a lovely weekend read by savoring your descriptions. That’s done, and it’s only Saturday morning!

    • Lisa Barone on said:

      haha, you should really *click* on a few. At least the Simon Says link. It’s hard to do that one justice with a description. Green. GREEN!

  • RE Vernon on said:

    I think you’re a much better role model for young girls then Barbie could ever be :) When’s the Lisa Barone doll coming out? It could come with a set of instructions that show how to use WordPress, RSS and Twitter to conquer the world. Now that’s a toy I would certainly buy my daughter.

      • RE Vernon on said:

        I know you’re talking about a book for us adults but in all seriousness I could see a book by you for young girls (discussing becoming an internet tycoon) being a big hit.

  • RE Vernon on said:

    One other thing. You’re not joking when you say “actively neglecting lisabarone.com” in your post sig. It’s down for me. Not sure if you’re aware of that or not.

  • Ross Hudgens on said:

    I totally agree with the liking your business more than your family. It’s something that I could see getting some backlash, but there just can’t be a way to effectively balance the both of them and maximize your business as an entrepreneur.

  • victor kippes on said:

    Love your business more than you family. Please. I am putting in 12 hour days and will be the only one working on Monday because I love my company and what I do. When it comes to legacy though, George Cloutier is full of shit. Family always trumps business when it comes to legacy. You can bust your ass for 10 years look back and miss everything.

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