Weekend Coffee Links


I'll tie this in later. I promise.

Hey, guys. It’s Saturday. That means its time to check in and maybe share some laughs. How was your week? Get it all done? If not, no worries. That’s why God created the weekend. And Monday. At least I figure that’s why She created Monday. I surely haven’t found any other good use for it yet.

It was another busy week, but luckily there were lots of good reading nuggets to help get us through it. Here are some of the interesting links I stumbled across. If you have something you think people should hear about it, drop it in the comments. And yeah, you can promote your own stuff.  Self-promotion is the new black.

Okay, I’m done sharing. It’s your turn.

Your Comments

  • Lisa

    The first link: “Dear Google, No One Buys It” takes me to an image with the words “Image Not Found”

    • Grr. It’s really annoying when people take stuff offline after I link to it. But you’re right, the image is no longer there so I removed the mention. Thanks for the heads up.

  • I got down to 1st person Tetris and had a seizure. Thanks.

    • Yeah, that one should come with a warning. So not what I was expecting.

      • Has anyone already tried to play that for several minutes? Now that’s a really tough exercise in concentration.

  • Lisa, I love this series, and as a blog reader, I’d like to invite you to participate in my new dance challenge. http://bit.ly/cP7zDh You game?

  • I’d bet if I tracked all your links, there would be a pattern there… a REVEALING pattern!

  • The “Dog Shoots Hunter” story strikes close to home. I live in rural northern California and know a lot of people who hunt, although I’m not one of them.

    No one I personally know has accidentally shot himself, but I have heard of several incidents of accidental discharge of firearms.