Weekend Coffee Links


Hey, Hey, Saturday Friends! I hope you had a killer week. I spent mine getting caught up from vacation and trying not to melt in blistering Troy, NY. We’re in the middle of Heatpocalypse, you know?  Luckily the weather should be breaking any moment now.  That means wherever you are, right now is the perfect time to grab a Saturday drink and dip in to some Weekend Coffee Links. Ready?  I’ve been waiting for you all week!

Here are my top finds for the week. Feel free to share yours down below. In fact, I’d totally love it if you did.

That’s it from me. What interesting links did you stumble across this week? Don’t get shy on me now.

Your Comments

  • Beyond Dan Gilbert’s choice of Comic Sans (which is funny), I was amused by his righteous indignation. As part of crisis communication planning, I’m sure the Cavs had pre-written two different letters. If LeBron James stayed, they’d have been gloating. Plan B doesn’t stand for “bitter.” http://karlsakas.com/cleveland-cavaliers-lebron-james-crisis-communications/

    I enjoyed the latest from Jay Dolan at The Anti-Social Media, “I Don’t Care When You Complain Online (But You Better Listen to Me)”: http://theantisocialmedia.com/post/789325296/i-dont-care-when-you-complain-online

  • Maybe he’s playing his guitar for YouTube while sitting on the toilet cuz the bathroom has better acoustics? Let’s pretend.


  • I’m still on the floor rolling … (Missy The cat) I’m not sure who seems to have too much time on their hands you or the cat owner.
    Lisa I really am scared to read the rest of that site.
    Super cool …….Thanks your one up again.

  • The Lost picture in Missy was the best. Good share.

  • Jax

    Weekend coffee… lunch break… same thing, right? I just wanted to tell you that the better-if-i-don’t-tell-you video was amazing. Thanks for a great find!

  • it’s better than Cloudocalypse here in Seattle.