Weekend Coffee Links


Hey. So how’d your week go? It’s been a recoup week for me, filled with some California sun, good Mexican food and hugs from old friends.  You can’t really ask for much more than that.  Well, that’s not true. You can also ask for some funny Web links to help you jump start your Saturday morning. You didn’t think I was going to forget about you just because I’m on vacation, did you?  Of course not. Grab some coffee, some pretty coffee foam art, and let’s go!

I haven’t been able to obsessively read the Internet this week. What did I miss? I’m sure there’s some good stuff. Let me have it!

Your Comments

  • Screw the publishing industry. Self publish. You *know* people will buy it.

    Also, last link no worky. :(

    • Hmm, yeah, it seems that guy deleted all his tweets, including the one I had linked to. So, TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT! :)

  • Ah! The great Bruno Ganz playing Hitler.

    Pitty that they didn’t translate the audio. It’s a bit distracting when you here “I’d rather shoot myself in the head” and reading “I’ve lost all my faith in Apple”.

  • PS – The Ugly Truth About Getting Your Book Published is about your average author, doesn’t apply so much to authors with serious digital and real-life tribes…like you!

  • Looks like the “Facebook Judging” link isn’t working. Thanks for the links though.

  • that hitler one is funny, even when its recycled like that. Also tears into the Ipad a bit.
    Thanks for the links.