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All great things must come to an end. As of April 2012, we will no longer update the Reading Nuggets section of our blog. Don’t worry – we have some exciting new things we’re working on that we can’t wait to show you! However, this archive will remain intact and anytime you are looking for some fun or insightful links to peruse, please feel free to stop on by this section of the blog and check out all the stories (SEO-related and not) that we thought were really cool.

Sometimes we come across interesting posts and links that simply don’t fit into the regular, day-to-day life at Outspoken. Stuff we’d love to share, to write about, and to link to but we run out of days to expand on it or it doesn’t quite fit with the topics we cover here on the blog. We call these links Reading Nuggets. They’re the stuff we think you should know about and hope you didn’t miss at the expense of a busy week. And that’s what this category is about – sharing and exposing some of the Web’s very best link nuggets so that we can enjoy them together.

This section is just the fun stuff, without too much personal commentary. It’s everything that stood out and caught our eye during the week, even if it had nothing to do with Internet marketing. In fact, most of our nuggets probably WON’T be related to marketing. But that’s okay. It’ll help add a bit of flavor to your reading diet. And maybe even inspire some giggle-tear hiccups.

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