Outspoken Link Up: October 2011

by on 10/28/2011 • 1 Comment | Reading Nuggets

We’re going to start something new around here. Are you ready for it? Well, tough, because you’re getting it anyway. We have a lot of smart people working here at Outspoken Media and you’ve gotten a chance to hear from some of them more over the past few months. You’ve read posts by Danika, Michelle, …Read More

Weekend Coffee Links: Red Cup Edition

by on 10/22/2011 • 1 Comment | Reading Nuggets

Well, hello!  How was your week? It’s been another busy one here for us at Outspoken Media. Did I mention the company’s moving? Don’t worry, it’s right across the street from our old space but you can catch a sneak peek of our new digs as they’re built over on the Outspoken Media Facebook page. …Read More

Weekend Coffee Links: Killer Turkeys

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Hello there. I just wanted to wish you the happiest of weekends. And to kick yours off, here is some fantastic reading material. From the serious to the woman who was hilariously “attacked” by a turkey. I’m sure he just wanted to snuggle, don’t you think? Onto the links. Turkey attack: OMG, just do yourself …Read More

Weekend Coffee Links: Women Edition

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Saturday! Huzzah! I hope you all had a great week and that you are now enjoying  a much-deserved day off with your friends, loved ones or at least a furry animal or two. You probably have things to do today, so I’ll just get right to it. You’re here for the links, yes? Good. Because …Read More

Weekend Coffee Links: Ewok Edition

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Happy weekend, my fine friends. I hope everyone had a fantastic week and demolished their To Do lists.  Below is a collection of all the interesting stuff you missed while you were too busy working to notice.  And by “working”, I of course mean livetweeting the F8 Developer Conference that took place on Thursday. ;) …Read More

Weekend Coffee Links: Drunk Moose Edition

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Hey, hey, we’re back to the weekend. And if you’re on the East Coast, you’ll be happy to hear IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO RAIN! I know! It’s like a Christmas miracle or something.  Before you go run out and enjoy the nice weather, why not snack on some delicious fresh-picked Weekend Coffee Links? They’re both …Read More

Weekend Coffee Links – Labor Day Edition

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Welcome to your long weekend, my friends. I hope you’re taking the time to treat yourself and spend a little extra time with your loved ones doing something fun.  Or at least not working. Because working on 3-day weekends is actually illegal. True fact. As you’re reading this, I’m on a train down to Long …Read More